Cantinflas revived for Soriana commercial with Deepfake

Cantinflas, one of the most recognized Mexican actors worldwide and who died in 1993 was “revived” for a commercial for the Soriana chain, thanks to deepfake.

And it is that, in an advertisement recently published by the department store, the character that Mario Moreno played for many years reappeared to speak to all Mexicans.

In a campaign called “Soriana, that of all Mexicans,” Cantinflas highlights those who have influenced him, such as firefighters, nurses, students, doctors and other trades.

No matter who you are, we all carry Mexico in our hearts (…) face (expensive) the most important thing is what we put in to get ahead, ”says Cantinflas in the commercial.

However, Cantinflas was able to be revived for the Soriana commercial thanks to the deepfake.

As we have told you on other occasions, deepfake is a technique in which several images and videos of someone (in this case Cantinflas) are used to generate very realistic videos.

It is a pride to be one of the first to use this technique in Mexico, since thanks to this type of technology we can feel Cantinflas in our homes, making Mexican pride more present ”, highlighted Soriana.

According to the commercial chain, the ad There will be three versions, one of 60 seconds and two versions of 20 seconds, which can be seen on television and social networks.

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