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campy or how to be famous twice and not laugh at them

campy or how to be famous twice and not laugh at them

The phone rings and Campy takes a long time to answer. When he finally replies, the actor apologizes: “Sorry, I was making a wig Ricardo Montaner”. In addition to recreating each character’s body and voice, he himself takes care of creating all the details the characters need: from hairpieces and wigs to costumes, masks or whatever else he does. Missing to look like, in team flower.

Thus, every morning in the cycle in which Florencia Pea visits Telefe, Campi turns into someone else: from Alex Caniggia and Damien Betular to Silvio Soldane, from Lizzie Tagliani, Juanse and Georgina Barbarossa to Carmen Barberi, Fernando Berlando, Flavio Mendoza and By Dolly Irigoyen. , passing through the various members of the Montaner clan, fathers and sons. No one survives him.

But the actor also appears as some of his fellow programmers, Marcelo Pollino or Paulo Cablan, for example and, in all cases, interacts with a real person, mirror game that’s hilarious.

Georgina Barbarossa And Georgina De Campi.  Photo Instagram Campi

Georgina Barbarossa and Georgina de Campi. Photo Instagram Campi

importance of humor

Campi is very clear about how important it is to create humor today. “It’s always okay and in this context of a pandemic, we need humor more than ever,” he says. On Your Daily Vanity Fair Where the most famous characters of the moment air, the comedian practically prepares each one from day to day. “They tell me before noon who’s going to be the guest the next day and then I get to work. But I also really enjoy that assembly process,” he says.

Attentive to the current rhythm, always resorting to its ingenuity, each gets a special twist. “in the mood surprise factor is necessaryThis is one of the keys to it,” he explains. That’s why there’s something surprising in every character, a quality of his personality that makes me stand out for getting that surprise, if not, it’s not funny.

Campy, specialty, most of the time comes face to face with real person And the program generates front and back of pure improvisation. “Luckily no one is angry or annoyed. On the contrary, many people ask me to imitate him, for example Juanse,” he says.

The former leader of Los Mises Paranoicos is precisely one of his favorites when it comes to representing him. “He is a cute, simple and humorous creature, so it makes me happy to do this. With his participation in master Chef We discovered other Juans and it’s awesome,” he says.

no copy, cartoon

A zopo, a false nose, a gesture or a whip, Everything works out for Campy to recreate another person in his body.. “What I do is not imitation but caricature, because imitation is a darker picture and I capture the most obvious features, it’s a thick line and with that I start.” And he adds: “Voice is the hardest thing, the thing that costs me the most, precisely because I’m not an imitator.”

It’s she herself who makes the wigs, latex masks, makeup and all the costumes that every cartoon needs. “I am used to it, I always did everything myself And this is an advantage for me, because I know the material and I have no limits, ”he explains. The humorist assures that everything works for him: from corn beards to his own dog hair, synthetic Up to grass or foam rubber.

Cartoon Campy Photo Of Juanse And Juanse Instagram By Campy

Cartoon Campy photo of Juanse and Juanse Instagram by Campy

What takes another week to work, he gets sorted out in three or four hours. Sometimes guests will change their clothes for you as in the day, and this allows you to emphasize the cartoon. “I learned from under theater to work with two handles, to encourage creativity”, he says. In that sense he claims that there are no limits. Inventing everything myself gives me the advantage of being able to play the character I want. I don’t depend on anyone.”

Therefore, the recent statements of his wife Denis Dumas did not surprise him. “At home we are a family with four children. in I work not to distract myself, but because I need toDennis said in a radio interview about lifting the program gotta see, which he co-hosted on Channel 9. “It’s like, this is the reality of Argentina that we have to live,” Campi admitted of the situation.

His debut as a graphic cartoonist gave him tools that, added to his ability to observe as an actor, are the key to the flawlessness of each recreated character. “I don’t take anything lightly. None of them are easy to do, they all have their turn. But the aim is to make people laugh, have a good time and that always comes to fruition, luckily,” they say.

As he prepares to return to the theater bonobos, in September, the comedy in which he shared a cast from his Instagram account with Lizzie Tagliani, Peto Menheim and Oski Guzmán @campiobra, the actor also shares his works. And the public responds with appreciation.”it’s amazing how people thank me. I think the most important thing today is to be able to laugh at the same thing.”

And he points out that every cartoon is viewed with respect. “Humor is the common denominator of a society, something that unites us because it needs no explanation. But It is also a weapon that can be used to do politics, to hurt, falling in love, helping, for everything. That’s why it’s awesome,” he says. It’s all about making the child of us laugh and the baby in front of us, it doesn’t fail. And that’s what we need the most right now.”