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Camilo tells the story of his mustache: “Everyone hated him”

The Colombian singer Camilo has become recognized worldwide for songs like life of rich and Indigoand collaborations with talents like Pedro Capó, Nicki Nicole and Grupo Firme, but also because of the image he manages of a relaxed artist with a very peculiar mustache.

Regarding this last aspect, already emblematic for him, in an interview with the producer Pepe Garza the singer himself told why he decided to leave it in a style that usually generates comparisons with Salvador Dalí.

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They asked me if it is because of Salvador Dalí, but I say that it has more than Pancho VillaCamilo clarified.

Later, the artist recalled that “what happened to me was that when I just arrived in Miami…. I had released a couple of songs in Colombia before, I had shown my music, and a couple of years I came to Miami to write for other artists, to play for other artists, and there was like a month when i stopped shaving”.

“The mustache began to grow and one day, bothering me, I put my mustaches up, they were little little arms, I took a photo and uploaded it to social media.

This photo generated negative comments for the singer, which motivated him to grow his mustache in that style: “Everybody started to hate him, everybody hated him: ‘What a horrible guy, what is that, I don’t like him anymore’, and I liked that reaction so much that I left him.

“I like it. If I could express the person that I am only aesthetically, without anyone seeing or listening to me, what would I feel that if it would be part of me I would click, and when I see the mustache I said: ‘This makes me feel myself,'” he commented. Camilo.

Finally, he recalled that at one time he shaved, but he did not like seeing himself in the mirror: “There was a time that I took it off, a vacation that I took it off, and I looked in the mirror and said ‘This is not me’, until it grew again”.


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