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Camilo confronts Pepe Garza for criticizing his song ‘Yours and mine’: “It hurt me”

Pepe Garza interviewed the singer Camilo for his YouTube channel, but what the producer did not expect is that the Colombian singer would confront him about the negative comments he made about Yours and minetopic in collaboration with The two carnal.

“I will confess one thing to you: I am a big fan of yours and it hurt me because I follow you, many artists that I like, I like them because I saw them in your interviews and I like that you are an honest guy. So, when my song came out with Los dos carnales and you made a criticism of a rhyme, I got a little flustered,” the artist told Pepe.

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Don’t be sorry because I did like that you were honest. Then I saw the interview you did with Los dos carnales and I saw you singing the song for a second, and I said: ‘It could be that she touched his heart,'” Camilo added.

Then, the producer explained his comment against the subject: “What I said is that if you already made a song well ching… put other words on itI mean, I didn’t criticize in general, but later I realized that it’s part of your thing, it’s part of your simplicity and your cool to say: ‘I’m going to repeat the same thing here’.

Given this, the Colombian revealed the story behind the song: “I remember that I was with Edgar Barrera starting to write the idea that we were going to send to Los dos carnales. The song is a tribute to my wife, it is a song of what my wife is, but above all of what she was in a very difficult moment in my life.: I arrived in the United States and in my bank account I had 25 dollars. So I told Edgar, ‘I want this verse to immortalize what I felt when I knew I had $25 in the account, and my wife knew it but pretended not to notice.'”

“I liked it a lot, but my vibe there is… Camilo, who has all the spotlight very well earned, has a style that everyone accepted, he is going to take my music, my parents’ music, that we listened to at the ranch, to the world level, and I say: ‘put more lyrics‘” Garza said.

Finally, the singer told the interviewer: “I welcome you warmly because I have tremendous affection for you. You didn’t look bad milk, I liked that you said that. And I wanted to tell you the anecdote behind it because it is an important anecdote for me, but I do like elementary things”.


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