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Camilo assures that he is “one of the best in the world changing diapers”

Camilo he is so adept at changing diapers that he would do it competitively: I don’t want to sound too cocky, but I think I am one of the best diapers in the world. If there was, and there should be, a diaper changing competition, I would sign up…and bet on myself.”

He said this in a recent interview about the launch of from inside to outsidetheir third studio album, and five months after the birth of her first-born, Indigo, to which he dedicates his popular homonymous song.

Camilo tells the story of his mustache: “Everyone hated him”

“It’s an album that comes at a time of many challenges, being a dad while on tour”, said the 28-year-old Colombian star.

“I say it from the enjoyment and how wonderful the challenge is, not from the suffering, because I do not suffer it at all, on the contrary, I laugh against it, but yes, it is a very important album for me, full of new feelings , of whom is almost that premiering the heart in this job of bringing life to the world”.

Camilo said that his album explores a whole range of emotions and aspects that he had not allowed to see in his previous productions: For the first time Y My hands (not forgetting the albums of his creative stage as a teenager, traffic of feelings Y Giveme your heart). For this album he has special guests like Alejandro Sanz, Grupo Firme, Nicki Nicole and Myke Towers.

“These songs are tailored exactly to the collaborations they were dreamed up for,” he said.

With his album he presents the theme drinking alone which he performs with Puerto Rican street artist Myke Towers.

“I’ve been a fan of his for a long time, I like what he does,” said Camilo. “Working with him in the studio, seeing him write beside me was a precious learning, seeing him with that naturalness with which he approaches the word, it was incredible… We are different sounds, different ways of approaching music and that is what makes this collaboration so rich.”

With Grupo Firme interprets Alaska, a regional Mexican song in which they go to “Alaska… to the cantinas” due to the sorrows of love. In the video filmed in Miami they appear in a van drinking happily.

“The true brilliance of the entire song and video was in the friendship that we have,” Camilo said. “The song from start to finish is a celebration, it’s like ranch poetry”.

With Sanz he composed and sings POTa theme about a fit of jealousy fueled by the idea of ​​cameras spinning in space with which they would like to keep an eye on their loved one.

“Alejando Sanz is an artist that I have followed since I was very young, collaborating with him… is a privilege and above all privileges calling him ‘friend’ is the greatest of all,” said Camilo, who proudly recalled when Sanz was one of his guests at his concert at the WiZink Center in Madrid.

Evaluate and Indigo

Like the video of Alaskathe one of POTfilmed in the Dominican Republic, and the hitfilmed in the comfort of Camilo’s house in Miami, were directed by his wife Evaluate Montaner, with whom he also sings Indigoand makes a cameo appearance as the designated driver of the van in the “Alaska” video.

“Watching her work is a privilege, because she is a tremendous creative, a visionary with tremendous ideas,” said Camilo. “We have a very nice work dynamic where she has the first and last word and I am happy because I trust no one more aesthetically,” he added with a smile.

The title of inside to outside It comes from the philosophy of life that Camilo tries to apply in his day to day life.

“Everything that is not transcendental, everything that is not truly sacred or valuable, has that route from the outside to the inside,” he said. “On the other hand, everything valuable, everything sacred, everything beautiful, everything essential, everything real, is born from the inside out, my artistic profession is a testimony of that”.

My Indigo daughter (is) a testimony of that route from inside to outside and this album, thanks to the stimuli that were born waiting for her, especially this album, (it is) a testimony of that route where the songs are looking for their meaning, not inside me but outside”.

Tour after the pandemic

On his second tour after the pandemic, Camilo said he was ready to connect with the public. On Wednesday he will perform at the Mexico City Arena and will continue his tour of the United States with dates in Miami, Dallas, El Paso and San Diego, among other cities, before traveling to London and Paris and back to California with dates in Los Angeles and San Jose, as well as Boston. In November he will have concerts in Puerto Rico and Colombia.

This tour is very special to me because we are going to be visiting places that we had not visited before, in sizes that I would not even have dreamed of, some very beautiful massive concerts”, he said. “A tour that I am going to be doing as a family, with my complete family with my wife and my daughter… celebrating love as the central cause and as the common thread of this whole process.”


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