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Camilo assured that his baby Indigo was a fan of Grupo Firme since Evaluna was pregnant

Camilo collaborated with the Firme group (Photos: Instagram)

a few days after Camilo and Firm Group will confirm that their most recent collaboration will soon come to light, the interpreter of Expensive clothes told a factor that motivated him to make music with a group very different from his genre. And, according to him, his daughter Indigo is a fan of Mexicans.

It was through their stories of Instagram where the Colombian said that before starting his life as a first-time father, both he and Evaluna they found out that listening to melodies helps babies.

“I’m going to tell you a story, when Evaluna was pregnant with Indigo, we put songs to Indigo to see how she reacted. They told us that since babies, From the belly they show what they like, guess Indigo’s favorite artist: Grupo Firme”, he began to say.

Evaluna and Camilo are parents (@evaluna)
Evaluna and Camilo are parents (@evaluna)

In this sense, Camilo mentioned that from then on the idea of ​​a collaborationso, when he had the opportunity, he spoke with the band and that’s how the next single was finalized.

“We put everything (…) and I told them, let’s make a song together, the fact that we have a song together and that it comes out in two days is something that fills me with pride and Indigo and the tribe will love it too”.

It should be noted that the song will be called Alaska and will be released on August 18, so in previous days the artists have been seen sharing recording studios and some moments together.

Since Grupo Firme met last February with the Colombian Camilo, before the Ours Awards, They announced that they would possibly work together on a project, they even shared on their social networks that they were together in a recording studio.

Camilo told one of the reasons why he decided to collaborate with the Mexican band.

Although the artists did not make any further comments regarding their possible collaboration since then and it was thought that it would not be released, a few days ago the group shared a video where Caz and the interpreter of life of rich dancing together.

Happy because our collaboration is coming. Is everyone ready?” reads the video.

Camilo and Evaluna in Mexico

After the birth of Indigo, Camilo and Evaluna have not stopped and in May of this year, the couple was captured in Mexico.

And it is that a video went viral where you can see the arrival of lovers at a hotel in Monterrey, Nuevo León. As expected, they were accompanied by a security body that tried to prevent them from being caught by some national media, however, as soon as they got out of the vehicle where the cameras were transported windowing managed to recover some images.

To the surprise of many, the singers traveled to Mexico in the company of his daughter who was born at the beginning of last April. The first to get off the car were Evaluna and Indigo, being the sweet baby who immediately stole the sighs of those present. Then Camilo appeared and, without approaching the media, he saluted.

Although the marriage did not give any statement, the images of Indigo quickly circulated on the internet not only because it is the first time visiting MexicoAlso because his parents have been careful not to show his face on social networks. Without further ado, the images recovered by the program Aztec TV They showed that the singers are very happy with the arrival of their first-born and do not intend to detach themselves from her for a minute.


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