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Camilo and Grupo Firme released “Alaska”, a song about heartbreak to the rhythm of regional Mexican

Speculation about their collaboration arose since last February, when both concepts coincided in the “Lo Nuestro Awards”. (YouTube Capture: Camilo)

after months of waiting Camilo premiered Alaskahis long-awaited collaboration with Firm Group. The Mexican group and the Colombian artist surprised their millions of fans by uniting their talent and characteristic stamp in the same song that just a few hours after its premiere already exceeded 600 thousand reproductions in Youtube with his video clip and the numbers continue to rise.

It was during the afternoon of last August 18 when the interpreter of Scissorhands, Disheveled Y Hello He reappeared on his social networks to share his excitement, not only for launching a new song, but also because he managed to fulfill one of his goals, to sing with Firm Group. And it is that Camilo has a great appreciation for the Mexican regional and in recent months he was attracted by the successes that catapulted the band of the moment.

But he was not the only member of his family who expressed his liking for the group. As Camilo told in his stories of Instagram prior to the launch of Alaska, his daughter Indigo had a bond with Eduin Caz and his companions since she was in the womb of her mother, Evaluna Montaner. And it is that among the songs that new parents used to play to their firstborn was the repertoire of Firm group.

“I’m going to tell you a story, when Evaluna was pregnant with Indigo, we put songs to Indigo to see how she reacted. They told us that since babies, From the belly they show what they like, guess Indigo’s favorite artist: Grupo Firme“, started.

This, coupled with his taste for regional Mexican music, was reason enough for Camilo to look for Eduin Caz and propose a song that is now a reality: “I told them, let’s make a song together, the fact that we have a song together […] It is something that fills me with pride and Indigo and the tribe will love it too”.

Evaluate showing off her baby bump.  (Photo: Capture @evaluna)
Evaluate showing off her baby bump. (Photo: Capture @evaluna)

Camilo and Firm Group accompanied their collaboration with a video clip that would have been directed by the daughter of Ricardo Montaner and that is currently available on YouTube. In the images you can see the members of the Mexican group and the Colombian artist living together in a combi while Evaluna was driving.

The composition talks about love sorrows and the refuge that some people find in the consumption of alcoholic beverages to “overcome” the bitter pill of a breakup, all to the rhythm of the colorful regional Mexican.

They say I moved to another place to see if I stop thinking about you, I’m going to Alaska, I’m going to Alaska, but to the canteens to forget you. I always talk about you, I always talk about you even when it’s not about talking about you, I see you everywhere and even double when I’m drunk.

The reactions were immediate and soon Camilo’s publications in Instagram They were filled with applause for this new song that is already aiming to become a new success for both musical concepts.

“Another smash hit compa Eduin, two idols”. “I never imagined Grupo Firme and Camilo but what a good duet!!!”. “It’s so much fun, and you guys go crazy.” “Something different but I like it.” “Good collaboration”. “Chida, the rhythm is tasty.” “I love that they continue to collaborate and release good music,” were some comments.


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