Home Entertainment Camila Sodi reveals her daughter Fiona has got lice

Camila Sodi reveals her daughter Fiona has got lice

Camila Sodi reveals her daughter Fiona has got lice

Camilla Sodi He was not shy to tell that he had a daughter Diego Luna covered in lice Celebrated during birthday.

a subject that This may be taboo for many people, The actress took it in the funniest way.

Not everything is perfect: Camila Sodi

“Do you think everything was perfect? ​​Hahaha then Check out the plan we load: Lice!!! Hilarious laugh”Camila Sodi pointed to her followers in one of her Instagram stories.

birthday girl was little fiona, 11-year-old, as seen in the photo shared by his mother While sitting under care by a specialist who is leaving her lice free.

Camilla Sodi with Intestinal Infection

The contagion added to the news of another family mishap last month, when the Mexican artist who has starred in soap operas such as fake identity and new version of ruby Ended up in ER due to intestinal infection.

good at work

In the workplace, things have gotten a lot better for Camila Sodi in recent weeks thanks to her lead role second season of Luis Miguel: The Series (Netflix), where he brought to life one of the great loves of Mexico Sun.

“That was it for me” the honor of interpreting someone’s version of you into fiction During a specific moment in her life,” Camila Sodi told Isabella Camille on her Instagram account.

“I’ve done With all the love, respect and admiration I have for you. Thank you for allowing me to re-imagine and interpret this memory that anyone has,” said Camilla for People en Espaol.

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