Camila Sodi in the exorcism film

Camila Sodi is not afraid of terror, she confronts it in the film “The exorcism of Carmen Fars”, which will be released in theaters tomorrow, in which she will share the screen with actor Juan Pablo Montoya.

The actress, who has been very active, is currently present in two productions: “False Identity” and “Luis Miguel, the series”, both series in their second season.

Who doesn’t want to see Camila Sodi in a horror film; Actor Juan Pablo Castaneda, who plays the character’s husband, played by the artist in the film “The Carmen Persia’s Ghost Exorcism”, a production he would leave to the audience. Side of the seat.

The film will be released tomorrow, May 5, in the country’s theaters, after a long wait, as the film could not be released in 2020 due to the epidemic.

Juan Pablo, who plays Carmen’s husband (Camilla Sodi), “I’m glad it finally hits theaters,” they are a beautiful couple, a beautiful couple full of confusion, who start a family Want to do

But tragedy ensues in his life due to the death of Carmen’s mother, who inherits a house in a very old city. He leaves her alone for two days and that is when paranormal events occur.

This is, of course, a horror film in which, he assures, the audience will be on the edge of the seat, are exorcised, as the film’s name suggests, and “first-rate” effects.

He shares that the production is great, and he feels privileged to be a part of it.

The state of Mexico, which has been building since the beginning of the last century, and which has a feeling of energy, is located in the El Oro community in Michoacán. When asked if they have experienced any unusual situation in the recording, as they say sometimes happens when these types of films are recorded, they confirm that the individual He had no experience with anything in general, but says that the house in which he made the film, even from the beginning of the last century, has a very strong energy, so it assumes that extraordinary things happen there.

Camilla Sodi practically weighs the film, and “she does it very well, she performed brilliantly, she maintains the rhythm of the story …”. Julian, his character, is supportive, explaining the actor, but with a lot of weight and a surprising ending within the story.

Juan Pablo is convinced that the film is worth watching, assuring that the audience will be excited and feel the adrenaline when terror and suspense occur.

Regarding his work as an actor, he shares that the public can also see him in the recently released film on Netflix: “Tell Me When You”, a comedy in which he plays a small role.

He has a project to jump into directing and production, so he is building a production house in Guadalajara, with which he plans to film some personal projects and promote the development of audio-visual production in Perla Tapatia.

By the end of the year, he will participate in the first film of a film director as an actor, whose name he cannot tell yet, but what he said is that the film is a love story.

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