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Camila Cabello’s first public outing with her new love: who is the young businessman, creator of a dating app Ten months after her separation from Shawn Mendes, the singer was seen holding hands with a young businessman on the streets of the Angels

Camila Cabello and Austin Kevitch were seen holding hands on Sunday morning

Since his breakup with Shawn Mendezin November last year, Camila Hair He kept a very low profile about his love life. However, the 25-year-old singer put her secrecy aside this weekend and walked through downtown Los Angeles hand in hand with a mysterious young man. The photos went viral on the networks and his fans soon discovered that it is Austin Kevitch, a successful 31-year-old entrepreneur.

A couple of months ago they had already been seen together, but there were no demonstrations of affection that would allow the confirmation of a romance. This time the images captured by the paparazzi reflect that they are enjoying an incipient courtship. Sitting at one of the outside tables of the restaurant, they were seen as accomplices and very close while having breakfast. Even in a moment the artist was encouraged to kiss him on the cheek and petted him during the encounter on Sunday morning.

without hiding, when they got up to leave they held hands and walked together. Although in their social networks neither of them alludes to the sentimental bond, the photographs made it clear that they gave themselves an opportunity in love. Kevicht is engaged in the technological world: he created a famous dating applicationLoxClub, and was also the CEO of Brighten, a social network that seeks to fight bullying through positive comments on social networks.

The brand new couple walking through the streets of Los Angeles holding hands after breakfast
The brand new couple walking through the streets of Los Angeles holding hands after breakfast

Mendes, for his part, was seen over the weekend on the beaches of Miami, aboard a yacht where he celebrated his birthday. The Canadian singer-songwriter did not make another relationship official since the separation of the interpreter of “Miss”, with whom he was in a relationship for two years. It should be remembered that both communicated their breakup in unison with a publication on their social networks where they whitewashed the end point of their courtship: “We have decided to end our romantic relationship, but our mutual love as humans is stronger than ever.”

We started our relationship as best friends and will continue to be best friends. We greatly appreciate your support from the beginning and in the future”, concluded the text that revolutionized the virtual world due to the large number of fans who were attentive to the day-to-day of the duo. The repercussions were such that they analyzed the last public dates of the artists, and assumed that for several months the relationship had not been working well, because three months before that announcement they had circulated some photographs of Camila crying during a meal with Shawn.

Long ago, Cabello’s ex-boyfriend had revealed details of one of the most unusual fights they had. As reported on the podcast the man enough, It was a day that the singer left a yogurt out of the refrigerator, and could not tolerate that and other habits during coexistence. “I was downstairs and she left the yogurt out and I told her a couple times not to leave it out because she wanted to eat it, then she disappeared and she was upstairs and I was like: The yogurt!’ and she asked: ‘why are you yelling at me? And me: ‘I don’t know,’” she recalled. At the time she admitted that she apologized to her then-partner and that all the “ego and male rage” had gotten the best of him.


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