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Camila Cabello reappears "family"

Camila hair took a healthy break from social media, a time he used to find his roots “Family”.

“Familia” is the album he worked on, the third as a soloist. This is a proposal that included topics in Spanish. Although it’s also fancy with some “spanglish” (a mixture of english and spanish) and of course other topics in english.

The pop singer and songwriter who was born in Havana to a Cuban mother and a Mexican fatherShe immersed herself in the music she had listened to as a child and even dared to write a few songs entirely in Spanish for the first time.

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What is Camila Cabello’s “Family” about?

The repertoire includes 12 songs in English, Spanish and “Spanglish”, including singles “Don’t Go Yet” and “Bam Bam” with Ed Sheeran and collaborations with WILLOW (“psychofreak”) and Cuban singer Yotuel (“Lola”).

Musically, the album starts Classic rhythms like mariachi mixed with contemporary sounds in songs like “La Buena Vida,” which Cabello performs in English, accompanied by Jaime Cuéllar’s Mariachi Garibaldi, with a chorus in Spanish by the Mexican band and by the singer’s own father, Alejandro Cabello.

Cabello released two songs in Spanish

“Bis to den Zahnen”, a pop song with the Argentine city singer María Becerra about the Jealousy that one can feel for an ex-boyfriend’s past. And then “Celia,” a rhythmic theme that seems to refer to Celia Cruz, the Queen of Salsa, in the chorus: “She has lives without sugar / She met Celia without going to Cuba.”

Another song with a hint of roots is “Lola” with Yotuel, which he co-wrote with Mike Sabath and Scott Harris, about a woman who wants “Home and Life” instead of “home or death”, the motto of Fidel Castro.

For Camila, “Lola” represents not only the people of her homeland, but of every other nation that is systematically oppressing, where “Intelligent and talented people do not have the same opportunities because of where they were born and where they live,” said the singer, who arrived in Miami at the age of 6.

“I just thought about how my life would have been if my family hadn’t come to the United States and all the possible alternatives.”

Camila hair

Shawn Mendes is present in Camila’s songs

He also incorporated the theme “Bam Bam,” which many fans have pointed to as a possible song about the breakup of his relationship with Shawn Mendes late last year, he said “Of course it’s a personal thing; every song (on the album) is how I felt that day (I wrote it).”

But with the catchy refrain “Así es la vida, si / Yeah, that’s just life, baby”, how did this song come about?

“Well, in Latin music there are a lot of songs with life lessons like that… like the impermanence of things and good times and hard times. I think the impermanence of love and relationships is also very common; that’s life. .. surprise things”.

Camila hair

After writing the song with his team along these lines, he said they sent it to Ed Sheeran, who made some “incredible” changes and sent him the chord progression that can now be heard on the track.

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