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Cameo Queen Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron He is a total superhero. She’s already proved it twice in the past six weeks, debuting her Marvel Cinematic Universe character Klee. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, and making a super cameo in the season 3 premiere boys,

“The world is constantly changing and you have to be able to exist in a place where you can really focus on what’s happening in the world,” he said. Diversity,

Theron teases what to expect from the sequel old guardThe filming of which will begin next week with the newly announced cast, Umma Thurman You Henry GoldingAnd which is about a group of mercenaries, all immortal and with the ability to heal themselves, who discover that someone knows their secret and must fight to defend their freedom.

Charlize soon began filming the sequel to Netflix

Charlize soon began filming the sequel to Netflix’s “The Old Guard.”

She was excited, happy for the sequel. “Actually, I’m excited that our team is back and to think about what we want the next story to be,” she said.

“It’s a big challenge to have everyone pull off moments and scenes that elevate the level of what we did last time. It takes time, energy and effort, and everyone is proposing it with good energy, so I want to see the fruits of this work soon…”.

she’s done with vin diesel

before flowing into old guardTheron – As always Diversity– Recently finished production fast x, where he reprises his role as the “criminal mastermind”. Among Theron’s responsibilities in this project was her filming with the franchise’s new villain, played by Jason Momoa.

At 46, Theron is in one of the busiest schedules of her career.  Reuters Photo

At 46, Theron is in one of the busiest schedules of her career. Reuters Photo

“Oh, it was really nice to work with Jason. It was lovely…” she said. “With him, I was also able to do something different, so I’m really excited about it…”.

I remember last year Vin Diesel They told Diversity who have a. is screenwriter for By-product Regarding Theron’s character, she jumped, “The guy made this incredible franchise, but he has to hurry because i need hip replacement,

Charlize, beautiful 46 years old, Work commitments have no place on her agenda: other than her next roles in Old Guard 2 You fastx, talks about his different types of cameos in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness You boys,

In "The Boys," the actress appears within minutes of the first episode of Season 3.  PHOTO FEE

In “The Boys,” the actress appears within minutes of the first episode of Season 3. PHOTO FEE

“Seth (Rogen, executive producer) boys) asked me some time ago and I’ll lay my body on broken glass for that man. I absolutely love them and we care about each other,” Theron said of the comedian and coworker.

Then the President of Marvel Studios, Kevin Feigcalls to offer her another cameo, and Theron tells her that she has already filmed for it. Boys. equal, when it comes to cameosNo problem with Charlize, the queen of all kinds of brief appearances. But it is believed that here his character will have participation in other films.

new season of boys It arrived on Amazon Prime Video on June 3. In its first chapters, the series surprised yet again with its usual jokes about the most recent events in pop culture.

The South African cameo took the public by surprise. The actress appears in the first episode of season 3 within minutes.


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