Home Entertainment Caeli takes on Kimberly Loaiza: “Just remember where you come from”

Caeli takes on Kimberly Loaiza: “Just remember where you come from”

Caeli takes on Kimberly Loaiza:

Caeli became a trend this Friday after starting against the also Content Creator Kimberly loaiza by saying: “My love just remember where you are from, baby.”

This led to a flurry of comments that divided the various Fandoms (Group of followers) on social networks; because some accuse it of only creating controversy while others they also supported the actress with the statement that they it was already known on YouTube and that she was actually the first to work with Kim in 2017..

What happened between Caeli and Kimberly Loaiza?

Caeli’s anger caused by a. revealed live on Tiktok, comes days later Kimberly loaiza celebrate his KL-Fest, an event where he invited several content creators to a party in Acapulco, so far Your own private jet.

Caeli Takes On Kimberly Loaiza: &Quot;Just Remember Where You Come From&Quot; - Light Home News
Image from the video of Caeli with Kimberly Loaiza

In the video, which went viral quickly, Caeli says that she doesn’t understand how that friendship was lost, but that she knew that there wasn’t any more than that He sent messages to Kim congratulating her on the birth of their babies. but it just left them in sight.

My love just remember where you come from baby“Concludes the actress who even reminded Kimberly that” I was your first collaboration, it’s like remembering yourself and saying: “You took me into your house. La Caelis gave me her bed to sleep with my Juanito (Juan de Dios Pantoja) ‘. Maybe they conceived Juanito or his other baby in my bed, you know?

Fans of JukilopWith reference to the channel that Kimberly and her now husband Juan de Dios share on YouTube, it wasn’t long before she launched against the actress. Some say so tries to generate controversybecause of the charge against Yao Cabrera and his video against it YosStop are among the most watched on his channel.

Juan de Dios Pantoja answers Caeli

Kima and Juanito’s father did not remain silent either and sent several messages against Caeli to ensure that Kimberly’s first collaboration was actually with him. He later posted a message accusing Caeli of leaving him in sight and revealing that they never slept in his bed.

Caeli, we didn’t go to your home for pleasure, remember that you were looking for me so we could go to your apartment, Of course you wanted to propose a ‘super project’ to us (…) We drove almost 3 hours by car from Tijuana to LA so you could tell us that you “Super project” should be part of your team“The singer wrote on Twitter, quoted by Infobae.

I want to emphasize that Kim does not come from you, on the contrary, you should from to be thankful that the most viewed video in your channel’s entire history (after your roast) is the collaboration you have with Kim.

The message of Juan de Dios also had several criticisms, as many reminded him of the video posting statements against him between him and Kim Kenya Oswho Juan always “blames” that it was thanks to his collaboration with Jukilop that it became known.

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