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Caeli and her latest post on Instagram that reveal “her sins”

These are the last five most impressive photographs of Caeli. (Infobae)

Caelione of the Mexican influencers who is part of the list of the most successful youtubers of the past decade, continues to give people something to talk about and this time she did it through her “racy” photographs that she posted on her YouTube account. Instagram.

The content creator, also known as Caelikehas shown once again that she is full of love and self-confidence, which she revealed with a couple of posts in which she can be seen posing toplesswearing only a jacket and panties.

In another image, he is also seen following the latest fashion trends by wearing a boobs neckline.

In recent weeks, Caeli was surprised to appear on the cover of the men’s magazine Penthouse with which he made more than one remember why at the time It was the “crush” of the entire internet.

Below are the latest Caeli posts on Instagram that have raised the temperature among her followers:

The beginning

Patricia Caeli Santaolalla Lopez, better known as CAELi or Caelike, was born on February 2, 1990 in Mexico City. From a very young age, she always had in mind that she wanted to enter the world of communication, because she led the radio of her school. She took the first step to stardom when she came out as an extra on the TV show Nickelodeon SKIMO. In addition, she was also a presenter on The voice Kids.

The first video that CAELi uploaded to his channel Youtube dates from October 28, 2010where he talked about makeup or did sketches and challenges, with which he won the affection of Internet users.

He currently has 15.7 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, in addition to 9.4 million followers on Instagram. In 2014 she was chosen by mtv as ”Digital Icon” at the Millennial Awards.

When he had a contract with the United Talent Agency (UTA) he had the opportunity to play various roles in the cinema, as one of the characters in the animated series Trolls or in the Internet series Awesomeness TV.

As for her relationships, it is known that she was the youtuber’s girlfriend Wereverwero, Yayo Gutierrez, AlexXxStrecci and the actor William Avilan, the latter who also created a YouTube channel. She is also friends with the pop duo Jesse y Joy and the singer Paty Cantú; They have even appeared in some of her videos.


Caeli in its beginnings.  (Infobae File).
Caeli in its beginnings. (Infobae File).

Being one of the most popular content creators on the internet has also put her in the eye of the hurricane on several occasions, which has led her to be a trend on social networks on more than one occasion.

In 2018 a video came to light in which the influencer poses and models without clothes for the camera for 20 minutes, said clip came to light when the youtuber announced that his camera and other valuables had been stolen at the airport.

A year later, in 2019, the content creator was involved in a scandal after pointing out that she had experienced a traumatic event when she went to live in another country and indirectly pointed out to Yao Cabrera that he had put a substance in his drink during a party in order to sexually abuse her.

Later, when Yosselin Hoffmanbetter known as Yosstop, was arrested on charges of possessing and disseminating child pornography in the case of Ainara Suarezthe youtuber revealed in a video that suffered cyberbullying for more than eight years from Hoffmann.

In the video “Caeli breaks the silence vs Yosstop”, the influencer recalled that once Yoseline uploaded a video to her channel entitled “Caeli is a Whore”, in which she demerited her. Similarly, she said that she is perhaps the person who has suffered the most bullying from Hoffman.

Caeli also recalled the case of the influencer Mika, a trans woman which YosStop exhibited with videos titled “How strange an old woman”; months after this video, Mika committed suicide. Caeli added that due to these events she suffered from depression and that is why she also left her YouTube channel for a while.


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