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Cacho Fontana was immediately hospitalized

Cacho Fontana was immediately hospitalized

announcer Cacho Fontana had to be hospitalized immediately Due to a urinary tract infection that worsened in the last few hours.

Who? Confirming the news was his own daughter, Antonella, in conversation with journalist Juan Etchegoyn from Radio Miter. The announcer, a symbol of national radio, turned 90 on 23 April.

fountain stand Fernandez under house arrest in hospital, from the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Palermo. As Clarins was able to confirm, Fontana was affected by a urinary tract infection from sepsis secondary. “She is stable in the common room,” he remarked.

In recent years, Fontana suffered a series of pulmonary episodes that originated in June 2020 when he contracted COVID-19 at the nursing home where he has lived in recent years.

Although he was fine at that time, Virus left her with pulmonary sequelaeWhich seriously complicated a subsequent pneumonia he suffered in February 2021.

A few months later, in April, he again contracted Covid-19. on that occasion He was hospitalized in Fernandez for ten days Under close surveillance.

a hero of the radio

Born as Norberto Palais in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Barracas, Fontana is recognized as an icon of national radio.

At the age of 87 in 2019, he had returned to his great love with circle a piece of national, by National Radio (AM 870). The events had distinguished guests such as Juan José Campanella, Graciela Borges, Guillermo Francella, María Laura Santilán, Magdalena Ruiz Guinazu, Hector Laria, Palito Ortega, Moria Casán, Jorge Lanata.

Kacho’s return to radio activity, 60 years after the legendary Odol, helped in his recovery to health, but also cContributed to the economy of the announcerwho admitted that it would be difficult to survive if “it were not for the aid received”.

“People will think I don’t know what I did with the money… When I had the money I bought a house for my daughters, for their future. Today is my minimum retirement,” Kacho said at the time. .

In 2018, Kacho spoke with Clarins about how she lived this phase of her life. “Old age is something I didn’t expect, I didn’t know what it was: it stands still. It’s hard when someone is too packaged up to think that it will be great. It is not easy to have no commitment in hand, no compulsion to rise. It’s not that I feel retired now, but I feel like I’ve completed a cycle.”

The radio program featured a family team. His daughter Antonella was a bicycle manufacturer, while the driver’s ex-wife Liliana Caldini also participated.

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