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Cacho Fontana died, he left just one day after his ex-partner Liliana Caldini

It was enough that this Tuesday ((July 5) the news of the death of Cacho Fontana -at the age of 90- was known and it was impossible not to think of a curious fact… (of fate?): that yesterday (Monday, July 4), at the age of 70, the former model and actress Liliana Caldini, his ex-wife and mother of his daughters, the twins Ludmila and Antonella, passed away.

Caldini had risen to fame at the age of 18, when he starred in a famous Chesterfield cigarette advertising. She danced to the song shiveringa Donald classic. In this way, he entered the Argentine popular memory.

In a miniskirt, high boots, a shirt attached to the body, it was enough to adjust her silky blonde hair in front of the mirror to hypnotize a country with that warning. “The waves and the wind, and the cold of the sea…” that catchy theme played in the background, while the girl lit a cigarette and danced in her living room. The camera immediately fell in love with that face of hers.

Cacho and Liliana Caldini: It was one of the most popular couples in the early '70s.

Cacho and Liliana Caldini: It was one of the most popular couples in the early ’70s.

Cacho Fontana, radio and television announcer, died;  owner of a unique and privileged voice

A romance to confirm

It all started in the early 1970s. He had interviewed her that beautiful 17 year old blonde model and actress as a member of The Campanellithe family strip that took over the rating on Sundays at noon for those years. Cacho had just separated from Beba Bidart; he was 38 years old.

In a short time, they became THE quintessential media couple. One piece of information serves to gauge the extent to which they led the ranking of celebrities long before we called them celebrities: Fontana was the character chosen by the magazine People for your first cap.

Of course the rumors about their relationship came and went, until it was the entertainment journalist Valentina (synonymous with gossip) who dropped the bomb: Cacho Fontana and Liliana Caldini got married in Italy, was the title. “Yes, we are dating,” he accepted. And immediately she announced: “I am leaving the profession. I have no vocation. I am Cacho’s wife and I want to protect our privacy as something sacred. We had to fight a lot for this and now we have to defend it.”

Six years will pass when Fontana drops another bomb, this time himself, and through his great friend Pinky: “I’m going to be a father in a few months. I am crazy with happiness and I want it to be a boy”. Okay, actually they were (not one, two!) women: the twins Ludmila and Antonella.

And as “everything ends at last” (Vox Dei sang), at the beginning of 1982 Caldini admitted: “I’m not in love with Cacho. They were 12 almost perfect years but the crisis is very seriousAnd he said: “I am going to turn 50, I am in a professional crisis. Liliana is 30 and women of that age also go into crisis”.

The love after Love

After 12 years of marriage, and after being a figure on magazine covers, she relegated her career and worked as a producer for the famous driver. In a recent interview with The nation told that they had “a barbaric relationship” and that over the years they became “good friends”. She also admitted that she was willing to return to TV and was encouraged to talk about death.

“I’m afraid to die suffering”, she confessed recently. “Be careful, I wouldn’t like to live for many years either. I’d like to live as long as I can fend for myself.”

“If (with Cacho) we hadn’t had the girls, contact would have been cut off, but having two daughters together, we always kept in touch. And later, with the two grandchildren, I’m not even telling you. Besides, since Ludmila lives abroad and Antonella works a lot, sometimes I take on some roles to be close to him if he needs anything.”

The grandchildren, “the best of my life”

“Grandchildren are the best thing that ever happened to me. They are my hostesses and my engines,” she added nostalgically. “When I decline, they are there. They are on my mind and in my heart. Lucas is 22 years old and studies Economics; Joaquín, 21, plays soccer and recently moved to Miami. I miss him horribly.”

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