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Busy Phillips arrested for protesting after Roe vs. Wade overturn

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Busy Phillips has taken a stand, even if it means a run-in with the law. In Photos and Videos shared on his Instagram account on Thursday, girls5eva Starr protested in Washington, DC before being arrested.

“I’m doing this for you guys. I’m doing this for my kids. I’m doing this for my mom,” she listed in a video on her Instagram Story during the protest. “I’m doing this for my grandmother and, of course, I’m doing this for my grandfather.”

In the video footage, the actress – wearing a T-shirt that reads “I will help and abort an abortion” – can be seen holding a peace sign and smiling while sitting on the ground as a police officer looks at her. puts something on the wrist and then takes it away. In another video published by Vice News, Phillips said it was for “equality” that she came out and got arrested. ET has reached out to police and a Philips representative for comment.

Meanwhile, the star issued a lengthy statement on Instagram following her protest, which Roe v. Wade was struck by the Supreme Court ending her constitutional right to abortion.

“On Friday, our right to make decisions about our own bodies and lives – a right we have had for nearly 50 years – was taken away from us by this new Supreme Court, a court whose personal belief is not shared by the vast majority. Goes to the Americans. I am one of those Americans,” the mother of two wrote. “I was proud to stand today with the Planned Parenthood Action Fund, the Working Family Party, the Reverend Barber and the Poor People’s Campaign, Catholics for Choice, the National Council of Jewish Women, mi Familia Vota, the Center for Popular Democracy Action and NARAL. To allow lawmakers to act peaceful civil disobedience but more importantly, those who will be most affected by this outrageous decision know that we will not back down, we will not give up and we will not stop fighting until until there is equality for all. Americans. I can’t think of a better way to use my privilege and voice to amplify the message that bodily autonomy is a human right, because it is, in fact, life, liberty And the pursuit of happiness is the same thing as the promise.”

Busy Philippines protests in Washington, DC
El Drago/Bloomberg via Getty Images

She encouraged, “We must make sure this applies to all of us. It’s a battle of a lifetime, all of you. It’s not short, easy, or without setbacks. But we must keep showing up and taking action.* You* of course. I promise I will.”

The actress ended her lengthy statement emphatically, saying, “It’s enough. Being bullied by people who don’t care about you or me. We all have to show the f**k UP. I don’t know.” Who wants to listen to this but we need to show F**K UP now.”

The actress has previously shared her experience with miscarriage as a teenager. “I had a miscarriage when I was 15 in Arizona,” she recalled not thin but not fatof Amanda Hirsch, “And that abortion would be almost as impossible for me today, as it seems to me — let’s be real.”

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