Home » Entertainment » BTS’ Psy and Suga publish the topic "This is the": Video

BTS’ Psy and Suga publish the topic "This is the": Video

BTS' Psy and Suga publish the topic "This is the": Video

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Almost 10 years ago the South Korean singer psy He got the whole world dancing to “Gentleman” and now he’s back with “This is the“, hand in hand with Suga, member of BTS.

Just hours before the premiere of the song and the official video, It already has more than 12.5 million views on platforms like YouTube and not for nothing, because the sticky rhythm shows the style to which Psy has accustomed us.

On the other hand in the video We can watch Psy and Suga as if it were a Midwestern film in a musical encounter with Bollywood.

Produced and written between Psy and Suga, the song is quite an upbeat song with a catchy beat.

In addition to this collaboration Psy releases his ninth album titled “Ssada9”also known as “Psy 9th”.

Psy’s album has 11 songs and multiple collaborations, although Sugas was one of the most anticipated.

What does That That mean in Spanish, the song by Psy and Suga, by BTS?

The song is a mix of Korean and English, so some details may get lost in translation, but here’s a bit of what the lyrics say:

“Psy is back. Long time no see, huh? It’s been a long time, huh? We laugh again, cry, live, love. Let’s go crazy, the pandemic is over. Yes, it feels incredible, the vibrations are coming,” he begins song.

“Everyone says everything hurts. I have to scrape my way through the crowded streets. I have to love this hustle and bustle. North, South, East, West. Gangnam, Gangbuk. Everyone gathers, throws their hands in the air and can say you feel it?


  • bts announces the premiere of the song “Stay Alive”.

Reference from lanoticia

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