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BTS members insist that the band ain’t broke

Members of South Korean band BTS today denied that they were splitting up, two days after announcing in a video that its members were leaving to focus on individual projects and their activities as a group. group, without specifying the extent to which it will affect the group.

Mr.The band’s leader wrote a message on the Waves social network today in which he acknowledged that the media had used “sensational” terms such as “dissolution” or “cessation of activity” and found him “very annoyed”.

BTS, the biggest rage in pop.

BTS, the biggest rage in pop.

The 27-year-old rapper, whose real name is Kim Nam-joon, said in the above video released Tuesday how difficult it was for the band to get over the feeling of tiredness from the seven artists together after nine years together.

Kim underlined how difficult it is to explain her position in “so few words” and signed off saying that “we will try to do our best as a team or as a solo artist.”

Jungkook also said

it was very clear jungkookThe youngest of the band, by posting a video on the V platform late Wednesday.

“We said we were going to dedicate ourselves to personal pursuits, but we never said we would stop working as BTS,” he explains in the video, in which he added that “they have no reason to leave.” Not intended and there are still many group projects ahead of them. BTS will be around forever”.

BTS in the movie "Permission to dance on stage - Seoul" Photo: AFP

BTS in the movie “Permission to dance on stage – Seoul” Photo: AFP

chaos in the company

The confusion of the message published in Tuesday’s video forced the company that created and still represents the music group, Hyebe, to publish a brief statement in which it assured that “BTS is not taking a break. . Its members will focus more on your personal projects”.

The statement did not serve to clarify what the announcement meant for BTS and South Korean media after Hyeb was forced to send emails to its employees on Wednesday that the group was not going to split.



After opening lower again and hitting their all-time low (140,000 won per share), shares of Hyebe bounced slightly on the Seoul Stock Exchange today, where they closed up 2.07%.

The company’s share price fell more than 24% on Wednesday.

pending military service

Many believe that the seven members of the BTS could take advantage of this future period to focus more on their individual projects to complete military service, which lasts between 18 and 21 months and is for all able-bodied South Korean men. mandatory for.

Jin, the oldest member of the group, has a deadline of next December to report to the ranks, the month he turns 30.


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