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BTS could continue with their concerts despite mandatory military service

Much has been said about the commitment of the members of bts with the government of their country, but they could well comply under certain terms that benefit them. And it is that this Monday the Ministry of Defense of South Korea reported that the band would have a permit to continue with their concerts despite the fact that they must perform the compulsory military service.

It should be remembered that in South Korea all eligible males under the age of 30 must complete two years of military service, because the country is technically still at war with North Korea. The threat of recruitment has long hung over the gang, as its seven members are between 24 and 29 years old.

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defense minister Lee Jong-sup indicated during a parliamentary session that it might be in the national interest to keep the stars on stage for as long as fulfill their military obligations.

“I think there may be a formula to allow them to practice while they are in the military to allow them to perform together, if there are any overseas shows scheduled,” he said.

South Korea grants some military service exemptions to elite athletes such as Olympic medalists and top musicians, but pop stars do not qualify for this category.

The issue of military service is a sensitive issue in South Korea where refusal is a crime punishable by imprisonment and which carries a social stigma. ANDn 2020, at the height of BTS’s success, the government revised the country’s military law that requires able-bodied South Korean men to perform approximately two years of military service.

The revised law allows top K-pop stars — including Jin, the oldest member of BTS — to defer their military service until they are 30 years old if they have received government medals for improving country’s cultural reputation and request the postponement. All members of BTS met the criteria to receive government medals in 2018.

In the same way, military service continues to be a topic of discussion that surrounds the members of the group, even, with the deadline getting closer, the singers have undertaken separate projects, in fact this weekend. J Hope appeared solo during the Lpotpalooza.


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