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Thursday, June 30, 2022

BTS Army supports the band’s hiatus, and asks the Korean Singers Association to reconsider their request to remain with them.

President of Korea Singers Association, lee ja yonissued a statement to BTS asking the group to “reconsider” their hiatus. This came a few days after Septate announced that it would take time a “much needed” break To focus on single projects.

“I am overwhelmed by my fear and anxiety that wave bts hallyuA movement that has by far the greatest cultural power the world has ever seen, will soon perish,” the statement/petition read.

“Haliyu” means “Korean wave”. It is a term that initially defined a part of the popular culture of the Republic of Korea. Obviously, this indicates a culture that is “popular” in China and other countries, mainly in Asia and Southeast Asia.

BTS with Joe Biden in early June.  Photo: AP

BTS with Joe Biden in early June. Photo: AP

K-pop. biggest jump in

“In the years before the birth of this movement, it was believed that Finding the next Beatles will be a very difficult featAnd now we’ve reached a point where it’s hard to expect the next BTS to emerge any time soon,” he posted. Board, So there is great concern that Halli’s heartbeat will end.

According to Board, the decision to publish this statement was not an easy one. The statement continues as follows: “Please,will reconsider the decision Groups going on hiatus for the future of the South Korean music industry?”

lee ja yon Concluded, “If BTS disappears, Halli and her followers of Korean Culture Missionaries (ARMY) will also disappear. South Korea’s tourism industry will suffer and a future for South Korea as a cultural center in Asia.” It would be hard to hope.”

BTS Live at the 2022 Grammys.  Photo: AFP

BTS Live at the 2022 Grammys. Photo: AFP

‚ÄúSpecial laws assigned to the sports and classical music and arts industries for compulsory military service should also be extended to popular culture. This current problem requires attention and action. Attention to the government and the National Assembly of South Korea Should this matter so that the hallyu boom continues to spread and BTS can continue to actively campaign as a group. Seek a review of existing military service laws.”

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This statement has come amidst the news of June 14th that BTS will have a “hiatus” Indefinite to give each member time to focus on single projects. “We have to accept that we have changed,” he said. Mr.One of its members, in a detailed video of the announcement.

“For me it was like the group bts was within my reach Feather You gunpowderbut after butter You allowed to danceI didn’t know what kind of group we were now.” He added that whenever he writes songs and lyrics, the story and message he wants to spread is very important, “but it was like it’s gone now. was. I don’t know what kind of story I should tell now.”



A spokesman for the group clarified the position. Board: “To be clear they are not in one” deadlockBut they will take some time to figure out some solo projects at the moment and will be active in many different formats.”

Following Lee Jae Yeon’s statement, BTS (ARMY) loyalists were criticized for sharing their thoughts on Twitter. Korea Singers Association By ignore desires Artists:

“I’m glad that BTS refused to follow this up and focused on themselves. I don’t care about hallu wave, the needs of the Korean industry or the Korean singer association. I’m here only for BTS and to support their well. I am for. – Worthy rest.” ,

Now I’m a little concerned about the pressure that BTS Korea Singers Association may feel with asking them to keep Hallyu Wave alive, but no one is considering the band’s decision.”


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