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Bronco shares the stage with Ana Bárbara and El Tri at the Mexico City Arena

It was 9:35 p.m., when four white horses appeared on stage to present the first show of the Monterrey group, Rough, at the Mexico City Arena; where the musical party before more than 20 thousand people began with its first singles I like Y silly books.

“All the Arena we became children to be happy,” asked Lupe Esparza. The fans, standing up, and jumping to sing together the chocolate sheriff and remind the public thatand “Bronco sings to you with all his heart and soul.”

After 14 minutes, the songs for lovers began to play. They and they in the rows hugging each other while they played love me Y Bandit Heart. The white horses were now moving into the audience.

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Guadalupe, Rene, Jose Adam, Arsenio Y Javierone by one began to appreciate the opportunity to listen to “the new Bronco blood”, made up of the children of the main vocalist.

Photo: Karla Guerrero

The cumbias began to sound, “although the moon will cry, or she will leave”, the songs would be ready to make “sadness dance”, with the mix Cumbia Triste and Cinco Locos.

At 11 pm, Ana Barbara “to the rhythm of Bronco” appeared on stage. The guest who traveled from Los Angeles, California sang microphone with microphone Perfect love Y My heart.

“With so much crap that we suddenly see, one says, Bronco is like a light of hope in Mexican music,” said the Potosi composer.

The atmosphere of nostalgia and joy remained with bronco friend to honor the memory of José Luis Villarreal, the carwho would have served as the group’s main drummer since its inception and until 2012, when he died of complications from liver cirrhosis.

“It occurred to us to invite a Bronco who is no longer with us but is with us,” he said as hundreds of Texan hats clapped and shouted “Choche.”

El Tri joins Bronco

Minutes later, “El Tri, with Bronco can’t be, well, yes it is,” Lupe commented to introduce her second special guest of Mexican rock music who would sing “Que no quede trace” and “Piedras Rodantes”.

-Are we being happy? Asked Alejandro Lora.

A shout gave the answer to celebrate the union of rock and regional Mexican music. “Because the story of Bronco does not die and continues to make new chapters.”

On stage the hits if you fall in love again, Sergio the Dancer, Prayed Y The Punished They got the fans to their feet. After three and a half hours, the show of releasing the horses concluded with what the group cataloged as “one of our best concerts that we have given in our entire career”.


Photo: Karla Guerrero


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