Broadway will request vaccines and masks from attendees

In preparation for the reopening of cinemas Broadway, Rooms announce new measures to protect the public from the coronavirus pandemic. For that, they would require attendees to vaccinate against COVID and wear chinstrap during ceremonies.

It was declared by the producers of the world’s most important theater circuit, with millions of spectators per year coming from different parts of the planet to enjoy the show.

Audience members must wear face masks and present evidence that they have been fully vaccinated, i.e. certificates for vaccines authorized by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or who, when they enter theaters, the Broadway League said in a press release.

The Posters Are Already There.  The Visitors Who Come Between September And October Are Missing.  Photo Ef

The posters are already there. The visitors who come between September and October are missing. photo ef

However, there will be some exceptions to these new measures, and this is in relation to children under the age of 12, for whom there are still no approved vaccines. Theater operators said people with medical conditions or religious beliefs who withhold their vaccinations would also be exempt from those new rules. But in those cases, those attendees will have to show negative COVID-19 test evidence.

The use of protective masks or chinstrap by the public, on the other hand, shall be mandatory in theatrical venues, except in specially designated places, such as those intended to eat or drink before or after a performance.


Aladdin’s Genie may be magical, but that hasn’t stopped theaters from closing in on March 2020. afp photo

“As vaccination has proven to be the most effective way to stay healthy and reduce transmission, I am delighted that theater owners have decided to implement these collective safety measures in all of our Broadway homes,” said Broadway League President, Charlotte St. he said. Martin.

Actors and technicians, vaccination of all

Moreover, the move comes a day after the Actors’ Equity Association, the union representing around 52,000 actors and theater directors, also announced that it would encourage theater cast and crew members to fully vaccinate against Covid-19. May need it.

Non-vaccinated company members, including those under the age of 12, should continue to wear chinstrap, practice social distancing when possible, and be tested for the disease at least twice a week. These protocols apply to both Broadway productions and shows supported by the same union in the rest of the United States.

Bruce Springsteen'S One-Man Show Is Currently The Only Show Running On Broadway.  Reuters Photo

Bruce Springsteen’s one-man show is currently the only show running on Broadway. Reuters Photo

This new protocol precedes the imminent opening of many in New York City, in the coming weeks. the one-man show of Bruce Springsteen It is currently the only one on Broadway.

Whereas, pass overAugust by Antoinette Chinoni Navandu opens Wednesday at the Wilson Theatre. Most other theaters will open in September or October after being closed due to the pandemic from March 2020.

Broadway League representatives said that for now, these measures will apply to shows that hit the bill by October 31. For performances from November onwards, theater operators will review the policy and decide whether to make changes later based on sanitary conditions.