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Broadcasts its 100th show

Broadcasts its 100th show

Silvia Pinal, the guest of “A family of ten”

MEXICO CITY.— Yesterday, Sunday, the show “A family of ten” celebrated program number 100 in style.

After almost 15 years of broadcasting time, the López family has broadcast a unique program with special participation from Silvia Pinal.

“Everyone knows that Silvia is part of the project from the start, because she is the owner of the building in which the López family lives. She comes to cum as always, and at the same time we will pay tribute to the actress with her show ‘Woman, Real Life Cases’, ”Andrea Torre said in an interview.

In seven seasons, the success of the project is reflected in the audience rating of over 2 million viewers.

Jokes for young and old are the key to the success of Pedro Ortiz de Pinedo’s production, according to the actress who breathed life into the character of “La Nena”.

“It has a sense of humor for everyone, my four year old son (Diego) loves jokes. Also, I believe that all Mexican families can be identified with any character, ”he said.

In fiction, Andrea Torre, 42, is a kindergarten teacher; While he did the same job in real life during the pandemic, he regrets not having that calling.

“I believe that having a family of ten has always helped us forget about problems. Over the past few seasons we’ve been helping everyone forget that there’s a pandemic every Sunday, ”he concluded.

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