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Britney Spears would do a TV reality show to tell all about her past

Britney Spears has regained her freedom after the end of the guardianship she had been under for more than a decade the princess of pop will make a tv reality Reportedly telling all about his past.

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A report from Ok! The magazine assured that The Toxic hitmaker wants to make her version of events clear through a project on the small screen after 14 years at a conservatory during which he lost control of his music, his money and the decisions of his personal life.

That’s what the post claims Britney is not happy with some of the documentaries that have portrayed her life – because she hasn’t attended any – and that she’s hoping to talk about everything from her romance with Justin Timberlake to her recent engagement to Sam Asghari.

OK! magazine assures that Britney records at “amateur” level with an iPhone and a basic camerabut it is not clear if she does it alone.

earlier this year, Britney Spears has reportedly signed a $15 million deal to write her memoirbut the report assures that this has gone further and would launch a television reality show of its own.

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