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Britney Spears Walks Down the Isle Alone: ​​Inside Her Intimate Wedding Ceremony (Exclusive)

Britney Spears’ Wedding Official Is Sharing All the Information About the Singer’s Big Day! ET spoke with Rev. Clint Huft, who shared the recent wedding between Spears and her groom, Sam Asghari, and he revealed that the bride, whose parents and sister weren’t invited to the ceremony, told a source. According to , walked down the aisle.

“She came in a horse-drawn carriage and came in,” Haft told ET. “… she herself went in [to Elvis Presley’s song] ‘Can’t help falling in love.'”

After Spears made her way down the aisle in a custom Atelier Versace gown, the ceremony got underway.

“They settle down in front of me. I always let them hold their breath for a moment and focus on each other, and then the ceremony goes on for about 10 minutes,” Haft explained.

During the ceremony, Haft said, the couple chose to “go relatively traditional” for their vows.

“It was repeated after me, and they were completely locked into each other. It was amazing,” he said. “…Boys, let me tell you, they were so rock solid with each other throughout the ceremony. It was so impressive.”

“Everything about this was the real deal. They were really happy with each other. You could feel it deepened during the ceremony as they took their vows to each other and put rings on each other Granted,” Haft said. “Everything just looked so wonderful … almost as if they were going through a transition from who they were before they became through the ceremony. That vibe permeated the whole room. All the guests were just mesmerized.”

While the couple, who opted not to have the wedding party, didn’t panic during the wedding, Spears got emotional at one point.

Britney Spears and Sam Asgarik
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britney spears wedding
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“There was a beautiful moment where Britney had tears in her eyes and Sam looked after her with a tissue,” Haft said. “… Sam and Brittany held hands throughout the ceremony and it seems they kind of got grounded in this moment, that they almost had each other as a security blanket. It was fantastic “

As far as the venue, a tent was set up in Spears’ California home, Haft said, adding that everything “seemed like a fairy tale.”

“Everything was so beautiful… [They] Like you were in the church, but still there were bushes. The arches, the flowers were amazing. It smelled great,” he said.

Huft said, “It was amazing from beginning to end. All the audio, the visuals were of a high standard. Everyone could hear really well. Everyone loved it because the whole thing was air-conditioned.” “It was just a fairy-tale atmosphere from A to Z.”

Overall, Huft shared, “everything was top notch.”

“If anyone was to imagine what the wedding of dreams would be, this would be it,” he said. “It was amazing.”

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