Home Entertainment Britney Spears’ manager resigns due to possible retirement

Britney Spears’ manager resigns due to possible retirement

Britney Spears' request denied, her father will continue as legal guardian

After going two years without receiving a single call from Britney Spears, your manager Larry rudpolh He decided to end the employment relationship he had with her.

And is that the singer has been away from the stage for a long time and focused on the issue of your legal and economic protection, which has his father Jamie and who exercises with an iron fist.

Britney recently suffered a severe setback when the judge denied releasing her from her father’s custody, which has caused outrage in his fans and many people in the show.

In social networks, many people have used the hashtag #FreeBritney to support the singer, who wants to take charge of her life.

Britney Spears’ father asked that the allegations against her be investigated. (Photo: AP)

Britney Spears manager resigns

This setback in her legal defense has made Britney continue with no intention of resuming her career, so Larry Rudoph understands that the artist may not return to the stage and end up retiring, so she no longer needs their services.

«As a manager that I have been, I believe that the most beneficial thing for the interests of Britney is that I resign to continue being part of your team, since my professional services are no longer required. It’s been two and a half years since my last communication with Britney And the last time I spoke to her she already informed me that she wanted to take an indefinite break. Today I learned that Britney has already communicated to several people her intention to officially withdraw. As you well know, I have never been part of this guardianship and I am not aware of its details. I have limited myself to helping her manage her career, “he published in a statement.

Britney has not given statements since the judge’s sentence was announced, because things do not seem to improve in her situation.

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