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Britney Spears made major changes after Jason Alexander trespassed at her home

Britney Spears made a big difference when Jason Alexander tortured her at her home on her wedding day. A source told ET that, following Spears’ pre-wedding incident to Sam Asghari, the 40-year-old singer “fired her entire security team.”

Says the source, “Jason Alexander trying to crash his marriage was a complete disaster and no one understood how this could happen.” “Britney felt her security team was less prepared and was very nervous and overwhelmed.”

Alexander blocked his way to Thousand Oaks in Spears, California, on their wedding day, demanding to see Spears. He was tackled to security and eventually arrested while answering a trespass call by the Ventura County Sheriff’s Deputy.

Following the incident, Spears was given a three-year protective order against Alexander, with whom she had a brief marriage in 2004. Her ex has pleaded not guilty to the charges against her – including felony felony abuse and refusal to leave personal property. misdemeanor, vandalism-damage, and misdemeanor battery.

Pointing to the Alexander incident, the source says, “Although there were some hiccups,” Brittany and Sam had an amazing time at the end of the day.

“They are so happy that they are married,” the source says. “They’re not going on a honeymoon right now and they’re just enjoying the moment together.”

Among the wedding guests was Madonna, who, according to the source, “gave Britney the jewelry as a wedding gift.”

The source says of the bride, “Britney was thrilled to celebrate her with her other friends, who also welcomed the likes of Selena Gomez, Drew Barrymore and Paris Hilton.

Spears’ wedding dress maker Donatella Versace was also on hand for the big day.

“Britney and Donatella have a very close relationship,” says the source. “They plan to have Britney sit at the front of the upcoming Versace show and Britney wants to do more with the brand going forward.”

In addition to the newlyweds living in bliss, the source adds that “Britney is also working on her tell-all book deal and is hoping her book comes out soon.” Spears, whose $15 million tell-all book deal was revealed in February, is expected to write about her conservatism in the memoir, after the more than a decade-long legal system ended in November.

“The book is going deep,” says the source. “She’s sharing all the details and isn’t holding anything back. She wants to share the full side of the story and everything that she did.”

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