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Britney Spears is ready for the holidays as she dances in front of her Christmas tree in a red dress – Watch

Britney Spears

Britney Spears was stunned in a red dress as she danced in front of her Christmas tree on Justin Bieber’s “mistletoe”, before changing into a sexy cheetah-print jumpsuit.

Britney spears get into the holiday mood! The singer, 39, danced in front of her Christmas tree while wearing two festive outfits in an Instagram video on Monday, November 22, just three days before Thanksgiving. Britney, who was recently released from her controversial tutelage, looked so happy throughout the streak, which was played for Justin bieberThe “Mistletoe” holiday classic.

First off, Britney wore a gorgeous red striped long-sleeved dress while posing in front of her Christmas tree, which was filled with bright ornaments. The mother of two also wore brown shoes and kept her long blonde hair down to reach her chest. She did a light dance and a few poses, before her sleek outfit suddenly transformed into a cheetah print jumpsuit with tall black boots. Brit rocked this look as well and she continued to pose proudly in front of her party tree.

In her caption, Britney said that she “thought a view from my tree next to him would be more appropriate than a bird’s eye view from my balcony”. “Well,” she added. “I’m getting silly this time of year. hot chocolate please. !!!!!! God protect you !!!! “Throughout her post, the Grammy winner included an array of emojis, like a Christmas tree and a red rose. It’s so nice to see Brit so happy!

Britney Spears
Britney Spears (Photo: Broadimage / Shutterstock)

As the holiday season approaches, a source recently revealed to HollywoodLife that Britney is unlikely to see her mother Lynne spears, 66, whom she recently blamed for the tutelage that controlled her life for 13 years. “Britney has made it clear that she has no desire to see her mother, or any member of her family for that matter,” said our source. “The only people who matter in Britney’s life are [her fiancé] sat [Asghari] and his boys [Jayden and Sean]. “

Brit’s guardianship officially ended on November 12. Since then, she has openly stated how her family should be held accountable for their alleged actions. But Brit doesn’t try to dwell too much on the past, given that she has a wedding to plan. She also confirmed that she wants to have a child with Sam and hopes it will be a baby girl.

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