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Britney Spears is grateful for her voice and support

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MEXICO CITY. – “You saved my life,” Britney Spears told her fans in her first video message on Instagram after the judiciary lifted guardianship last Friday, hoping her story will focus on the “corrupt” guardianship system.

In a two-minute message he posted the night before last, he did not reveal his immediate projects after living under his father’s strict tutelage for thirteen years, saying he was “happy” to like the small gestures of daily life for example when buying simple candles.

“I’m not here to be a victim. I’m here to stand up for people who have real disabilities, real illnesses. I’m a strong woman and I can imagine what the system did to these people, ”explains the singer.

“I am confident that my story will have an impact and make a difference in this corrupt system.”

The singer thanks the Free Britney Movement for drawing attention to her case: “My voice has been drowned out for a long time,” but “You raised public awareness.”

“I think you saved my life,” he added.

The video, which was viewed by nearly five million people yesterday morning, was released alongside virulent text.

“When I wake up, I am still amazed at what my family and guardianship have done to me … It’s demoralizing and humiliating,” she wrote.

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