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Britney Spears’ Father Claims She’s Making $15 Million On Tell-All Books About Conservatorship

Jamie Spears is doing the paperwork to force the confession of her daughter Britney Spears. According to new court docs obtained by ET, Jamie’s lawyers claim that Britney is not only dodging a statement, but stands to earn $15 million from an upcoming tell-all book about her stereotyping and Jamie’s Lawyers claim that Brittany is refusing to talk about it. Court.

According to Jamie’s lawyers, “Britney’s attorney has no valid legal ground to object to Britney’s statement,” adding that the 40-year-old pop star has previously testified in court in the case and that she “fires.” continues to make public social media posts making allegations of “various factual matters.”

“Britney’s own publicly posted Instagram post aimed at Jamie and the soon-to-be-published book directly contradicts Britney’s attorney’s claim that Britney has no admissible evidence and that her testimony is admissible. The evidence has not been properly calculated for discovery,” argued Jamie’s legal team.

In addition, Jamie’s lawyer says the 69-year-old has a “right to prepare her case and depose Britney” because she is making “inflammatory and unfounded claims against her” in some of her Instagram posts.

“Jamie has the right to prepare her case and to oust Britney (as the Court of Appeals already found in another case where Britney was a party) because she is the person making the inflammatory and unfounded claims against her.” Brittany’s testimony is directly relevant, just as Jamie’s attorneys claim in the docs to search for admissible evidence and well within a reasonable scope of the search… To show good reason for nothing to meet the high burden.

While Jamie’s legal team claims that Brittany is avoiding testifying because it may involve delving into “emotionally difficult subjects”, they say that this is something she cannot avoid and such topics Which she’s already talking about on Instagram and her upcoming tell-all book, which the “Sometimes” singer reportedly struck a deal with back in February.

Jamie’s lawyer said before bringing the book, “Britney cannot avoid testifying as a witness because her testimony can become emotionally engrossed in difficult subjects … even showing some impact on Britney’s health.” Even that doesn’t hinder his statement.” “That Britney can speak up about the issues she raises publicly (including cashing a $15 million check) but suddenly being “unnecessarily burdened” by her attorney-initiated litigation is ridiculous.”

According to Jamie’s lawyers, he says that Jamie has offered “multiple times” to be deposed since January, and has requested that he and Brittany give their statements during the same week to be fair. to be determined, but he claims Brittany’s lawyers will not agree to it. That arrangement.

Left with no choice, they say that Jamie is seeking court intervention. The court has fixed July 13 for the motion.

Jamie’s motion to compel a statement from his daughter comes just a month after Brittany’s attorney, Matthew Rosengart, filed a motion to compel a statement.

In the documents, Brittany’s lawyer claims that Jamie’s statement was initially observed on October 20, and that her client’s father has since been issued two notices, but that he agreed to “several” proposed dates. or has not offered any possible dates thereof. My.

The documents also allege that Brittany’s legal team has given Jamie’s lawyers the option to make a statement with an appropriate facility in Los Angeles, Louisiana, or any other city in the country, all with no response from Jamie or his attorneys. has been found.

“Mr. Spears may run, but he cannot forever hide from his legal and fiduciary obligations. His stonewalling and obscurity should not prevent the truth from coming to light; it only requires that the parties receive him.” Spend unnecessary resources in a protracted fight for compliance,” the document reads. “But, after using her daughter’s money for more than 13 years to meet her legal fees and expenses, Mr Spears must now pay her legal fees.”

Because of Jamie’s alleged failure to show up or schedule a statement, Britney’s attorney argues, “It is clear that Mr. Spears will not voluntarily sit down for his statement and should be compelled to do so.”

“Despite his apparently false claims that he has ‘nothing to hide’ and therefore ‘will not hide anything,’ James P. Spears is running away from his statement and accounting for his misconduct – under oath – As required by law,” the docs read, additionally claiming that Jamie “has engaged in stone-pelting and barrage for more than six months—dodging his statements and responding to simple requests for basic information.” I have failed over and over again.”

The docs also allege that Jamie “failed to produce communications relating to the startling electronic surveillance system set up to spy on his daughter,” in which Jamie allegedly “placed a bug in his daughter’s bedroom”. information has been received. The documents argue that, as a suspended mentor, Jamie is “legally required to prepare all such email and text message communications.”

When Jamie accused of sabotaging Brittany’s bedroom, Jamie’s lawyers told new York Times“All of her actions were well within the standards of authority given to her by the court. Her actions were performed with the knowledge and consent of Brittany, her court-appointed attorney, and/or the court. Jamie’s as patron The records — and the court’s acceptance of his actions — speak for themselves.”

The docs conclude by arguing that Jamie “has no valid legal ground on which to refuse to appear for his statement.”

Brittany’s father was suspended as custodian of Brittany’s estate in September 2021. His guardianship was terminated two months later.

ET has reached out to lawyers for both Jamie and Brittany for comment.

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