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Britney Spears dances in a crop top and cropped shorts while playing with Lenny Kravitz

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Britney Spears confirmed off her aerial guitar prowess by dancing to Lenny Kravitz in a crop prime and cropped shorts.

Pop star (and Lenny kravitz fan) Britney spears is again along with his well-known dance movies. The singer, 39, shared a clip of her dancing and enjoying air guitar to Lenny’s “Are You Gonna Go My Way” on Monday, September 20 from her lounge.

“Sorry, I like long hair to twirl,” she mentioned, in all probability referring to her clip-in extensions. “So that’s me after vacuuming my living room with this 💣 new glade Hawaiian breeze carpet cleaner bomb !!!!! Damn that’s great…. my living room smells so nice to WAKE UP !!!!! This song by Lenny Kravitz is fun to dance to… of course my favorite lyrics are I WAS BORN !!!! ”

“GOD BLESS YOU ALL and remember to be grateful and say your prayers friends,” she continued. The pop star added, “Pssss my red dye came out in the shower and it looked like a crime scene.” After slicing her hair and throwing in some enjoyable crimson ideas final week, Britney mentioned she went for clip-in extensions after sharing extra snapshots from her weekend getaway earlier on Monday.

Within the put up, Britney additionally gushed about her current engagement with Sam asghari. The non-public coach, 27, requested the query final week. “Some pictures of my weekend to celebrate my engagement with my… fucking shit… FIANCÉ… I still can’t believe it !!!!” she captioned the put up. “I could not keep away from the gram for too lengthy so I am already again. . . Psss, I took them to Palm Springs with clip in extensions.

The engagement information comes amid the pop star’s ongoing authorized battle for guardianship. Household lawyer Sabrina shaheen cronin, founder and managing associate of the regulation agency Cronin, JD, MBA, not too long ago supplied an outline of the dedication to HollywoodLife, revealing that the wedding might technically be dissolved if the couple marry earlier than Britney’s 13-year tutelage ends.

“Britney has been under strict surveillance for years and, based on what has been shared and reported, her privacy has been heavily regulated,” Sabrina mentioned. “Guardianship is supposed to be in place to make decisions that are in Britney’s best interests, so at this point it would likely be up to the court to determine if guardianship is necessary and what the ramifications of marriage would be if any.”

“It’s potential, given the regulation, that the present Tory might ask the courtroom to dissolve the wedding and argue that the wedding ought to be annulled, and subsequently dissolved, attributable to Britney’s incapability to consent attributable to ‘a psychological incapacity,’ added Sabrina later. “While it is possible, it may not be entirely likely given that Britney’s current conservative appears to be on her side when it comes to loosening the reins and allowing Britney to exercise. more control over his life. “

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