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Britney Spears announces she won’t do any more shows as long as her father controls her career

Britney Spears announces she won't do any more shows as long as her father controls her career

Britney Spears announced that He won’t go on stage as long as his father continues to control All aspects of his life, as he has been doing for the past 13 years. Once “Princess of Pop” shared a picture on Instagram with a long argument.

In the image, in fact, you only read a message pointing directly at his detractors: “Either accept me for who I am or kiss my ass, eat some legos of shit and step on”. Next Door, Spears She starts shooting at those who questioned her For some videos he shared on his network.

“For those who criticize the videos in which I dance… look, I won’t be performing on stage in the near future, as long as my dad continues to decide what I wear, say or think! I have been doing this for the past 13 years”, the artist began.

Britney Again Used Instagram To Criticize Her Detractors And Protest Against Her Father.

Britney again used Instagram to criticize her detractors and protest against her father.

Later, he said that he prefers to share videos of him dancing in the living room of his home, rather than going on a stage in Las Vegas, where people are so “moved” they can’t even move their hands.

“And I’m not going to do a lot of makeup and rehearsals and rehearsals and rehearsals, and not be able to do anything real with my old mixes of songs while I’m begging for my new music. A show for my fans On .. So I quit!”, he warned, without uttering the words.

On th eway, Singer attacks her father, James Spears, and her sister again, Jamie Lynn Spears. “I don’t like having my sister come to awards shows and sing my remixed songs!” was begun.

And he went deeper, including some reflections: “My so called support network hurt me a lot! This legal guardianship killed my dreams… so I only have hope, and hope is the hardest thing to kill in this world… and yet people try! “He mourned.

In recent weeks, the singer who is followed More than 31 million people on Instagramhas used this social network to break the silence that had dominated her life in recent years and share her many feelings.

It should be remembered that Mississippi natives He went to court to end a legal guardianship that limits his life for 13 years. This is a mechanism reserved for people with severe disabilities who should not be able to take care of themselves.

In 2018, One Of His Many Shows He Performed During His Residency In Las Vegas.

In 2018, one of his many shows he performed during his residency in Las Vegas.

Britney’s father James Spears appeals to the legal person and takes charge of his personal life and finances After your daughter went through a period of precarious behavior -the product of its fame and its high media exposure- which made the covers of newspapers and news stories in 2008.

even though The measure was temporary in its inception, has been in force throughout the 13 years in which the artist performed occasionally against her will in Las Vegas between 2013 and 2019, published albums and starred in the Millionaire Concert Residency.

The open conflict between the singer and her father caused a huge wave of support in the network What was one of the most popular American artists at the end of the last century.

A Movement In Support Of The Singer Intensified This Past Year Under The Slogan #Freebritney.

A movement in support of the singer intensified this past year under the slogan #FreeBritney.

under the motto “#freebrittany” (“Freedom for Brittany”), Movement gained momentum this year After the premiere of the documentary framing britney, a film by the new York Times Which reviews the most controversial and harsh aspects of the artist’s career.