Brian Austin Green’s Thanksgiving Plans Revealed: Why He’s “So Excited” To Spend The Holidays With Sharna Burgess

Brian Austin Green and Sharna Burgess can’t wait to celebrate the holiday season as a couple.

Brian Austin Green, 48, is “so excited” to celebrate Thanksgiving with his girlfriend, Sharna Bourgeois, 36. The Dancing with the stars the partners have been doing well since they started dating in October 2020. And as they celebrated their first birthday on October 16, the couple are looking forward to spending the holiday season together.

“Brian is so excited about the holidays and he can’t wait to spend Thanksgiving with Sharna and the boys,” said a source EXCLUSIVELY. HollywoodLife. “He loves how well she gets along with her kids and she really is a good energy to have with her. Sharna always has a smile on her face and makes the most of every situation.

Sharna Burgess Brian Austin Green
Brian Austin Green and Sharna Burgess can’t wait to celebrate the holiday season as a couple. (Broadimage / Shutterstock)

“If you asked Brian a year ago, he never would have dreamed he would feel that way for someone so amazing,” the friend added. “He can’t wait to spend the holidays with her and he can’t imagine not having her in his life.” As fans may recall, Brian’s divorce from his ex Megan Fox was finalized last month on October 15.

“Brian is still adjusting to life after his divorce was only recently finalized with Megan,” the source said of the former couple who share three children – three sons, Noah, 9; Bodhi, 7; and Journey, 5. The former couple started dating in 2004 and separated in 2006 before marrying in 2010. They filed for divorce in 2015, but reconciled before the birth of their third son in 2016. Megan and Brian announced their separation in May after their marriage in 2010. Brian has since moved on with the DWTS pro and Megan dating Kelly machine gun.

“As much as he enjoys spending time with Sharna, and whatever she brings to his life, they don’t want to rush a engagement, especially since things are going so well,” an insider said. “Brian and Sharna spend as much time together as possible, and he loves how well she gets along with her kids, and she totally agrees that Megan is always in his life as she respects her a lot. made co-parenting with Megan so much easier that he doesn’t have to worry about hurting Sharna’s feelings. He feels so lucky to be celebrating the holidays this year with Sharna and can’t wait to celebrate New Years together in as an incredible couple that they are.

Brian and Sharna talked about engagement, talked about marriage, but this holiday season and Christmas isn’t the time it’s going to happen. Her kids really love Sharna, and they absolutely will, but for now, they don’t both want to look like they’re rushing anything so soon after officially getting divorced. Brian doesn’t want to take a vacation to be and get engaged. This will all happen in due course. love Sharna, everyone is really happy and they will enjoy the vacation without doing everything for them.

“Brian and Megan have found a great way to co-parent so that they see each other over the holidays, swap the kids and stuff, but by no means are they all going to go out with MGK and have a couple night, it sure isn’t. Strict co-parenting and business They’re not at a point where they’re all going to hang out and have dinner. Maybe in the future but at best in the distant future.

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