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Brendan Fraser cries after being applauded in Venice

Brendan Fraser’s performance in The Whale not only marked his return to the big screen, but also a huge tribute in Venice, where he was applauded by hundreds of people. This might interest you:

Grupo Firme visits Greensboro When and how to get tickets? The actor, who was out of the business for several years before being called on this film which caused quite a stir as Fraser played his role quite well, even gained weight to get into the role.

After appearing at the Venice Film Festival, the actor was cheered and applauded by the screening audience for more than six minutes, bringing Brendar Fraser to tears. The Associate Editor of Variety magazine had the wisdom to film the actor and his video went viral on social media. “The applause was so enthusiastic that Brendan Fraser tried to leave the theater, but the crowd’s applause forced him to stay,” the publication reads. The standing ovation for #TheWhale was so enthusiastic that Brendan Fraser tried to leave the theatre, but the crowd’s applause made him stay. #Venezia79 pic.twitter.com/ZZ0vbFX7Rl— Ramin Setoodeh (@RaminSetoodeh) September 4, 2022 Brendan Fraser’s performance was praised Critics give high marks to the film, directed by Darren Aronosky, in which Brendan Fraser gave one of his best works .

Hence, it is a strong contender to win the Oscars in different categories; even talk of best director, best actor and best film. This is the story of Charlie, a 600 lb gay man who has lost his partner and is struggling to get out of this depression. In addition, he tries to restore the relationship with his daughter. Brendan Fraser stopped working in 2014 and gradually in the following years began to have works on tapes without much popularity, some even almost unknown.

The Whale represents his return to the big productions and it seems he’s done it in a big way. You may be interested in: Jane Fonda, 84, has cancer and has already started chemotherapy

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