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B’Rek el Milagro: “In music I found strength to move forward”

If possible”, is the message that the singer Anwar Galicia seeks to spread under the name of B’Rek the Miraclea musical project focused on the cadence of reggaeton, but not closed to exploring other genres.

On this blanket, the artist with a Colombian mother and a Mexican father explains that everything stems from a health problem that he faced at the age of 13: a tumor in the head. After coming out ahead of this situation, in music he found “strength to go on” and a form of share your success story.

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I want to impact with the ‘Yes you can’. Life is a joy, you have to enjoy it, tomorrow you may not be here anymore. I see life as a video game, you have to know how to surf it, it is the game of the waves”, she comments in an interview with MILLENNIUM.

The singer, born in Mexico City on November 28, 1996, currently enjoys wide recognition on social networks, especially TikTok, where he accumulates more than 4 million followers.

Although it says that this status on the platform videos it was fortuitous: “I had not thought of it that way, in fact I started making music 5 years ago and 2 years ago I started on TikTok, with the pandemic. But I always thought and it has been my dream to get to what we are achieving today, it was always my dream to make music.

What is not a matter of chance in Anuar is his musical ability and vision: to compose and sing, he studied “with the singing family, in their schools.” And the genre in which he works has been his favorite since he was a child: “I have always had the influence of reggaeton, artists like J Balvin, Don Omar and Daddy Yankee.

B’Rek defines his music as “a change, it’s not the same as always. I try that, if I have the mixture in my blood of Colombia and Mexico, it is father to merge it, to share it. That my music is not something classical, but to do reggaeton with flamenco, corrido lying down with trap. That’s what I like, making a change to what you see every day.”

It also highlights that, contrary to many exponents of the urban genre, “In my lyrics I try not to say vulgarities, ordinary things. I have a fandom that comes from TikTok and they are kids, girls and boys, and I would not like them to be singing my music and being pure vulgarities. It is taking care of myself as an artist, as a brand, what is said, what is acted and thus be able to implement good things, impact something positive.

B’Rek is currently promoting Out of orbit, song that he describes as “an electronic reggaeton where the lyrics are strong but the beat is very high”.

“I was inspired by my best friend because her girlfriend cheated on her, we just created it based on her. I feel like it’s a song you can cry to, because the lyrics are so heartbreaking, but you can also dance to it.”, he says about the story he tells in the song.

Likewise, the singer-songwriter reveals his short-term plans: “Continue doing shows, we are checking out a tour of clubs and maybe a Lunario to close the year.” And in the long term: “make an ep”.

Lastly, Anuar, who creatively enjoys more dealing with the subject of heartbreak, confesses that virtual recognition is not easy, especially because of the haters: “It is difficult that it does not affect you as a creator or musician, in the end we are human beings; I am B’Rek, but I am also Anuar, the person who created B’Rek. So, I feel that putting you to see the bad comments is going to affect you in your day to day and it is going to make you insecure, you have to try not to see them, not pay attention to them. At the end of the day, haters are fans in disguise, they are people who are looking out for you”.

But in the face of bad comments and other adversities, he has by his side a great refuge and escape: music. And for this communion, B’Rek shows a great future.


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