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Break the silence! After his serious accident that has him hospitalized, Eugenio Derbez gives ‘signs of life’ (PHOTO)

  • They have been strong days for the family of Eugenio Derbez
  • The spectacular accident suffered by the Mexican actor has everyone “guessing” about his health
  • Finally, Eugenio Derbez gave ‘signs of life’

Fans of Eugenio Derbez hope that the actor can recover favorably from the spectacular accident he suffered as a result of a heavy fall that he would have had playing virtual reality with his son Vadhir, however, speculation about its alleged seriousness is at the order of the day until this Wednesday that finally gave ‘signs of life’.

And it is that it has been Alessandra Rosaldo who has been with Eugenio Derbez in these difficult times despite the rumors of divorce and marital crisis that had come out months ago, but the brief and unclear statements that they have shared these days give more foot to speculation about the physical state of the comedian.

Eugenio Derbez shows signs of life

Eugenio Derbez reappears

When Alessandra Rosaldo broke the news of Eugenio Derbez’s accident, it took everyone by surprise and although he said that he was delicate, his health was not compromised but then the rumor spread that he would have broken his shoulder into several pieces for what had to be operated emergency, however, that is not entirely confirmed.

While the media awaits a live version of Eugenio Derbez or one of his children who remain silent on social networks, the first “sign of life” of the comedian has finally appeared through his Instagram account and a story he left much to be desired.

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