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Bre Tiesi joins ‘Sailing Sunset’ after giving birth to Nick Cannon’s 8th child

selling sunset Welcoming two newcomers to the fold. On Thursday, Netflix announced that Brey Tisci and Nicole Young are joining the show for its upcoming sixth and seventh seasons.

Tycy, who recently gave birth to Nick Cannon’s eighth child, has been a major player in the entertainment industry, as her sharp understanding of business, branding, Hollywood and homes has allowed her to rise to stardom.

After modeling and acting, she became a highly sought-after consultant to those in the luxury market, where she has worked with celebrities and business moguls alike on multimillion-dollar deals. As a result of his work, Tiesi has developed a steady and dedicated stream of clients who work exclusively with him.

When ET spoke to Tycie in June, he confirmed that he’s interested in doing reality TV.

,[I’d want to do] The business structure isn’t left too much on the reality side,” she said. “I don’t know if I’ll necessarily go. housewives vibe, but somewhere in between, a good mix of who I am, but also real life.”

She also teased what fans know about her now selling sunset Participation, revealing that she would return to work sooner than she thought after giving birth to her son.

“I don’t want to walk away on business, but I really do want to spend time with my son. I know how important it is to spend the next few years,” she said. “… I’m planning to take a little time off, or I was. I was taking three months to six months off, but then I found a really wonderful opportunity that I can’t share right now, but I I’ll be back at work faster than expected.”

Bre Tiesi Sailing Sunset

bre ticio

Marcus Amar

As far as Young is concerned, while she may be a new face to audiences, she is the longest-running and top-producing Realtor at The Oppenheim Group, with sales of $100 million. She is also close with several members of the current cast, even serving as an officer at the 2019 wedding of Mary Fitzgerald and Romain Bonnet.

With her vibrant personality, steadfast dedication to her business and drive for success, Young, who has been married to her husband Brandon since 2019, is a dynamic addition to the cast.

Nicole Young Sailing Sunset

Nicole Young

Matthew Sefnia

When ET spoke with executive producer Adam DiVello last month, he teased further changes for the Netflix series, including a new cast.

“Everything has to be bigger and better. Big house, big sale. We already have a lot of work to do. You know, the Oppenheim Group, as an agency, has grown, and so has their listings and their roster ,” said DiVello. “We have some new agents joining the season. So, there are going to be some fresh faces on the show… we are very lucky to have [Jason Oppenheim has] We’ve found some great new agents that we’re very excited to introduce.”

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