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Brandy Norwood will be Cinderella in a new Disney movie

actress and singer Brandy Norwood will be the famed princess Cinderella once again, in a new production of Disneyspecially as element of the franchise of ‘Decendents‘.

It will not be the first time she has performed the purpose, given that in 1997 she gave daily life to the beloved princess in the tv film ‘Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Cinderella’, where he shared the cast with actors like whitney houston Bernadette Peters, Veanne Cox, paolo montalban either Natalie Desselle Reid.

The minimal-known edition of the story premiered in 1997 and was a reinterpretation of the original tale created by the French Charles Perraultwho is also the author of short tales like Tom Thumb, Sleeping Beauty, Minimal Purple Using Hood both The cat with boots.

The new output has the English title ‘The Pocket Look at‘ and it is a new installment of ‘Decendents‘, a franchise Disney which focuses on what would be the life of the small children of renowned figures.

To avoid an imminent coup, they should join forces to vacation through time, by using a magical pocket look at made by the Mad Hatter’s son, to prevent an occasion that would have dire implications.“, tells the synopsis of the film.

China Anne McClain, Dara Reneé, Ruby Rose Turner, Morgan Dudley and Joshua Colley total the cast with Melanie Paxson back again as the Fairy Godmother.

In modern instances, some people that traditionally had light complexions have been altered, which has prompted the rejection of some sector of the audience.

A person of the situations is that of halle baileyAfrican-American actress who will give existence to Ariel, who in the classic Disney motion picture was Caucasian. The subject matter went viral and produced criticism and even some detrimental comments. Provided this, it has been noted that they may not even launch it in theaters and make it go right to streaming.

However, the actress expressed herself on social networks: “I am so grateful to have expert this film in all its glory. It has been a extremely tricky encounter, being away from everything I have identified, emotion loneliness and doubts, but also flexibility and perseverance when reaching the end.he”.

The subject matter turned even far more viral following the online video of a lady who observed the trailer for the movie and, fired up, yelled that she experienced the exact same skin tone as her, circulated on social networks.


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