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Brad Pitt thinks about retiring from cinema

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It was strong and Brad Pitt in the middle. In an interview with the magazine, the actor revealed, “For some time now, I find myself in my final stages.” GQ About his future in films. And he said he always wonders: “What will this new phase be like? How do I find out?”

In this interview, Brad Pitt also revealed some more secrets. Like he was battling depression for some time, “I think joy is something I discovered later in life. I always let myself go with the flow, I went through the world a little aimlessly, I went from one thing to another.”

And he went even deeper into his reflection: “I think for a few years I suffered from a mild depression, and it wasn’t until I overcome it that I accepted myself completely. With the beautiful and the ugly, I could not be able to feel those moments of happiness”, said the actor.

Brad Pitt poses at the 2021 Oscars presentation.  Photo Chris Pizzello/Pool via Reuters

Brad Pitt poses at the 2021 Oscars presentation. Photo Chris Pizzello/Pool via Reuters

life and dreams

In his interview with GQ, Pitt mostly goes into Reflections on his life and even on some of his dreamsSince he dreams every night, the process of his analysis has begun.

actor in this regard fight club mentioned that his dreams are “on the surface” they had to do with my fearWith not feeling safe and feeling completely alone”.

But he went ahead, adding that “deep down” he thinks he meant “repressed needs of aspects of oneself What failed to blossom in childhood, such as expressing healthy anger, developing a personality and, above all, a voice.

His anger with Angelina Jolie

These days, it was revealed that Brad Pitt was angry with his former partner and the mother of his children, actress Angelina Jolie.

In fact, according to the French press, the actor denounced Angelina Jolie for intentionally damaging the reputation of her wine company in France and selling her share in it to a “stranger”.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt: Intimate Enemies.  ap photo

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt: Intimate Enemies. ap photo

The couple acquired Miraval Vineyards in 2008 for 45 million euros ($53 million) along with their same mansion in Provence (southeast France). where after years they married and enjoyed many family holidays with his six children.

Now the actor’s team in charge of the legal case is open for sale of this property,Accused Jolie of intentionally causing harm to her ex-husband by selling his share in the company without his consentAs reflected in the documents leaked to the press.

Pitt’s defense stated that Jolie contributed “anything” not only to the success of Miraval, a project the actors were passionate about, but that she “secretly” ended the sale and knowingly violating the terms he had agreed to with PitoAccording to which neither of the two could sell his interests in that business without the consent of the other.

Second fight: For the kids

But Wine One, it is known, isn’t the first fight between Pitt and Jolie. Since their divorce, the main problem revolves around the custody of their children.

Brad Pitt and Angelina They are the parents of six children.However, only five enter into controversy as 20-year-old Maddox is able to choose who to live with. To end the controversy and drama, it seems that the minors are ready to go against their father. In fact, sources close to the family assure that, in a worst-case scenario, “They will turn against him.”

Even then, The intention of the declaration was rejected by the successors of these interpreters. by Judge John Oderkirk. However, this attorney’s decision disqualified her from the case, as Jolie alleged that the judge did not clearly enough disclose her employment relationship with one of Pitt’s attorneys, a situation that would have left her unbiased. to qualify as.

that’s why The sentence shared between the actors was disqualified, Something that Pitt appealed to and asked to be reviewed again.


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