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Brad Pitt sues Angelina Jolie; this is the reason for the legal dispute between the two

Brad Pitt filed a lawsuit against Angelina Jolie, and everything seems to indicate that the legal battle will be just as controversial as that of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, because after ending their 12-year relationship, they decided to separate and divorce in September 2016 Now, the actor has decided to denounce his ex-wife due to an issue related to the businesses they have in common.

Why did Bratt Pitt file a lawsuit against Angelina Jolie?

Recall that the Supreme Court rejected the actor’s request in the case of custody of his children, but now everything can change, he sued Angelina for damaging his business reputation internationally due to the sale of Miraval, a vineyard that they both acquired in France in 2008 while they were together.

The Chateau Miraval became one of the couple’s most prosperous businesses for a long time and now according to People, Brad Pitt say what Angelina Jolie ‘tried to hurt him’ by selling their interests in the wine company, in addition to the fact that, according to them, they could not sell the vineyard without the consent of the other.

A few days ago, the interpreter’s legal team affirmed before the Los Angeles County Superior Court that the vineyard grew “to become a multi-billion dollar global business and one of the most respected rosé producers in the world” and accuses Angelina of not contributing “in anything to the success of Miraval”.

The presentation also reads: “Jolie pursued and then consummated the alleged sale in secret, deliberately keeping Pitt in the dark and knowingly violating Pitt’s contractual rights.” On the other hand, it is important to note that when Jolie filed for divorce, she was authorized to sell her share for $164 million.

The team notes that “Jolie has tried to force Pitt to associate with a stranger, and worse yet, a stranger with poisonous associations and intentions”. Given that, Brad Pitt seeks damages for an amount that will be proven in the trial that takes place, which he asks for with a jury.

In short, Brad Pitt is suing Angelina Jolie for the following reasons:

  • Breach of implied contract;
  • Abuse of right under Article 6-1 of the Luxembourg Civil Code;
  • Breach of the implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing;
  • Willful interference in contractual relationships;
  • Unlawful interference with potential business relationships
  • constructive trust.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie: Who will buy the vineyard?

According to Brad Pitt’s legal team, it is Tenute del Mondo, a subsidiary company of Grupo Stoli, which in turn is indirectly owned and controlled by Yuri Shefler, a Russian billionaire who is “determined to take control of Miraval.

Pitt’s team says Shefler made a hostile takeover of Miraval and is trying to obtain “confidential and proprietary information for the benefit of its competitor company.”

The Russian businessman is accused of “ruthless business tactics and dubious professional associations”, which in turn “endangers the reputation of the brand that Pitt so carefully built.”


Reference from yucatan

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