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Brad Goreski reveals “wonderful” experience he had with Adele early in his career

Brad Goreski, Adele

Stylist Brad Goreski opened up about designing a shoot for Adele “early” in her career and shared what happened that made her a fan of her “even more” than he was. was already, in an EXCLUSIVE interview with HL.

Brad Goreski, 44, is a big fan of Adele, 33, and his “really wonderful” presence at one of the sets he styled is one of the reasons. The fashion designer spoke with HollywoodLife at the DSW Holiday Campaign at the San Vicente Bungalows in West Hollywood on November 17 and shared details about the experience, which happened early in his career.

“To me, Adele is just the prettiest no matter what,” he said in the EXCLUSIVE interview. “The voice, the personality. I have been a stan of Adele for so many years. In fact, I worked with her – I designed a shoot for her, a beauty shoot, from the start of my career. It was one of the first things I did where she was incredibly adorable, really, really wonderful. I was a fan before but I was even more so after.
Brad Goreski
Brad Goreski poses at an event. (Rob Latour / Shutterstock)
Brad’s comments on Adele come in the middle of the release of his new album. The talented singer freed 30 on November 19 and received rave reviews from fans around the world. The record is truly personal and reveals songs that evoke her struggle with her divorce from her husband. Simon konecki and even features his son’s voice Angelo, 9 years old, on the song “My Little Love” asking him about his feelings.
In addition to reminiscing about the photoshoot with Adele, Brad, who is currently promoting their partnership with DSW and their new holiday shoes and accessories, admitted that she was just as humble as many people entering say. in contact with her. “Yes. Yes. Singing all day, got me tickets to her concert. She was wonderful,” he said.
Adele laughing at an event. (Allen J Schaben / Los Angeles Times / Shutterstock)

As to whether or not Brad would tell Adele how he feels about her and how she affected him during this early career shoot, he says he would. “I actually would. I would feel safe enough to say that we worked on a shoot together, ”he explained. “I dressed for her on Halloween, so I would take out my Instagram first and show her Bradelle.”

Reference from hollywoodlife