novio de yosstop

Mexico.- Gerardo Gonzalez, YouTuber “YosStop” lover, Posted video on youtube channele also to thank the influencers who have supported yosselin hoffman After being arrested on June 29 for the offense of child pornography.

Incorrect information about the “Yostop” case

In Video that lasts just over a minuteHoffman’s associates point out that false information has been spread around the case.

Gerardo Gonzalez said, “I want to tell the media that you can publish whatever you want because at the end there is freedom of expression, but by spreading false information you are exposing your informational seriousness.”

later he explains that youtuber’s sister too Ryan Hoffman, Known as “Ryto”, she is completely unrelated to the situation for which she was arrested and made available to the authorities, as “Yoselin only spoke about a subject that was already He was viral, he expressed himself and that’s why they are accusing him today.”.

“By simple terminology they are comparing the expression to a very serious crime.”

He indicated that he would like to clarify what he found to be inconsistent with the allegation, but noted that in respect of the investigation being conducted, he cannot do so.

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“I want to thank everyone who told the information truthfully and truthfully. Thank you very much.”

deprived of liberty by vocabulary

This Friday, Yoseline Hoffman, known as “Yostop “, After being arrested on June 29, published a message through social networks.

Through his Instagram account, the YouTuber spread an Instagram Stories where he assured that he was deprived of his freedom because of terminology, not because he was dangerous or guilty.

“I am deprived of my freedom from vocabulary. It’s not because I’m dangerous. It’s not because I’m ugly. It’s not because I’m guilty,” reads the story shared by the social network.

Influencer’s brother demands respect from mother

Ryan Hoffman, also known as “Reito” and brother of Yoselyn Hoffman, shared an Instagram Stories explaining their absence and extended their appreciation for the entire family, primarily their mother, of understanding, respect and sympathy. asked for Marina Badui, Who is deeply hurt by the arrest of his daughter.

In the video he says, “I want to tell you that she is an old lady, I ask your respect and you understand what my family is going through.” And he thanked the samples of support he received for taking this opportunity.