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Boxer Earnie Shavers who fought Muhammad Ali dies

  • Famous boxer who fought against Muhammad Ali dies
  • Earnie Shavers has died at the age of 78.
  • “He was one of the deadliest KO punchers in the 70s”

Boxer Earnie Shavers dies. The boxing world is in mourning, after the sensitive death of a legendary boxer who faced the greatest boxer in history, Muhammad Ali in the 70’s. The news of his death hit social networks, as many users could not believe the sad news.

This is the legendary American boxer, Earnie Shavers, the Alabama heavyweight lost his life at the age of 78, so far neither family nor friends have mentioned the possible causes of the death of the boxer who made history in the years 70’s when he faced the great Muhammad Ali.

Famous boxer Earnie Shavers dies

Famous boxer Earnie Shavers dies

It is worth mentioning that the fighter was one of the best in history, and his incredible record of 74 wins out of 89 fights was surprising. Obviously the most remembered was against Ali who, despite the fact that he lost the fight, was one of the few to knock out the boxer, according to the portal The Sun.

According to his statistics, Shavers concluded his boxing career with 68 victories by way of knockout, it should be remembered that in 23 of those fights, he defeated his opponents during the first round. Even the one known as ‘The Acorn’ lost twice as a contender for world titles.

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