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Wednesday, September 28, 2022

BOTOX? Chayanne reappears and they assure that she ‘touched up’ her face (VIDEO)

  • Did Chayanne get Botox? Look how he looks at 54 years old!
  • They claim that he underwent cosmetic surgery to appear younger
  • The Puerto Rican singer will receive an award at the Latin Billboard 2022!

Chayanne touched up her face. The unconditional love of many mothers is called Chayanne, the handsome 54-year-old singer reappeared after a long absence, and the interpreter of ‘Torero’ is about to release new musical themes, in addition to announcing that he is nominated for some awards .

Chayanne, reappeared on networks but caused great controversy due to a detail that his fans found in him, as they assure that the singer could have done some “touch-ups” of Botox on his face. The video was shared by their social networks and is going around the world!

Chayanne retouched her face: It reappears in networks!

Chayanne retouched her face

Chayanne has always been a fairly controversial artist, as he is one of the few who has never been known to make a social ruckus. But very unlike being on everyone’s lips for being a controversial artist, what has been said about his physical appearance.

In the last few hours, a video of the Puerto Rican singer was released where he looks different from the face, Many assure that he underwent something aesthetic, however this has not been verified by anyone or by the singer himself, judge for yourself by the images. Filed Under: Chayanne retouched her face

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