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Born in the night away from a record and decency

Born in the night away from a record and decency

Artists who deliver quality work with a level of expressionism have some authenticity that is reflected in the tastes of the masses at the mainstream level and, at the same time, persists His arrogance in a small cage and his shyness in front of his expressions When the light stops pointing at you. Leon Bridge This is one of those.

Born in Atlanta, the capital of the state of Georgia in the United States, exactly 32 years and 10 days ago, winner of the 2019 Grammy for the interpretation of the song the bet is not worth the handBridges has always shown himself to be a solid musician and performer.

And if they say that the third album of the career is the one in which the real state of the projected artist is really reflected, now, with the release of her third album gold-diggers sound, Successor coming home (2015) and That’s good (2018), Singer confirms that he is on the indicated path.

With His Third Album, Leon Bridges Reaffirms His Position As The Soul Reference Today, Broadening The Horizons Of His Search.  Photo Press Sony Music

With his third album, Leon Bridges reaffirms his position as the soul reference today, broadening the horizons of his search. photo press sony music

Since his appearance on stage in 2014, his growth as a performer has led him places of prime sexuality and handling the classic temptation of R&B, a style in which those working in her label’s marketing area feel most comfortable selling her music.

gold-diggers sound It is a short and concise album, Velvet and Void Naive. Bridges no longer sells the complacent image of his early days, in which he rewarded elegance and pastel colors, referring to the romantic singers of the 50s. Today her face is decidedly less innocent, and more sensual.

managed in the community, Between weeks of competition, drinking, and off schedule, at the speakeasy and studio in East Hollywood, Calif., which gives it its name, gold-diggers sound It was produced by Ricky Reeds (Grammy winner and creator of Jason Derulo, Bomba Asterio, Twenty One Pilots, etc.).

In addition, it has multidisciplinary Terrace Martin and pianist Robert Glasper; A perfect setting to show the current musicality of the bridges that seem to be on the verge of Kandy.

It is often said that the third album is the one that defines an artist’s career. how do you feel about gold-diggers sound?

-I think this album is the definitive point in my career. It is a reflection of my growth and development as an artist.

Leon Bridges Calls The &Quot;Gold-Diggers Sound&Quot; The Definitive Album For His Career.  Photo Press Sony Music

Leon Bridges calls the “gold-diggers sound” the definitive album for his career. photo press sony music

You named the album from where you wrote it and rehearsed it. Can you describe the energy you experienced in those sessions?

-Completely! I would say it was the spiritual experience of those people, when you hear the results, they take you back to those creative processes. basically All these songs come out of improvisation and zapadas. Many of those times we were several musicians in a room exchanging ideas with each other and feeling the energy of each.

We improvised a lot until we found sections where we got “stuck”. That’s what I love with these songs; They are very special to me. this is what no other artist can make. This is a very personal material.

-Speaking of the dynamics of these sessions, did you improvise on the lyrics and melodies as well?

-During this process, usually the band would create a certain vibe or sound and then I would start singing about it inconsistently. Sometimes an idiom, a syllable that emerged, was later taken to be developed. Somehow, we shaped the concept of the song like this.

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Your success was based on a particular sound, but also on a particular image. What do you do to be successful and grow at the same time?

This album is the balance of that. It’s so hard for me to write these very personal songs and try not to give my privacy too much, and it doesn’t affect me. Some of the best songs in the world are outwardly very catchy and pleasant to listen to, but internally their message can be a bit more complex.

-This album is too night, too adult. How did your development affect this new way of playing your music?

-Do you know? I feel like this journey had a little bit of everything. Moments in which creativity and ideas flow, and others in which I question my abilities to write songs.

The beauty of this album is that it is very collaborative. I was able to balance ideas with other very creative musicians. The album sounds nocturnal because it was made precisely at night.

-You made many famous collaborations. What is the most valuable thing those exchanges have given you?

Working with so many artists so different from each other, what you get is knowledge. When I’m in these work situations, I watch very carefully how these people approach the act of writing songs, how they approach the tunes. You absorb that information almost without realizing it. I think that Those artists shaped me as an artist, and in a very natural way.

-What was it like collaborating with one of jazz’s biggest names today, Robert Glasper?

Especially in this album, he contributed far and wide. But we’ve crossed paths several times and actually had a session together in Los Angeles recently; Something completely different from this album.

It’s amazing when someone of your caliber begins to write similarly to you when he sees a certain guitar progression that I play, a chord I sing or a letter I write at the moment.

&Quot;Racism Is A Symptom Of The Human Condition,&Quot; Says Leon Bridges.  Photo Press Sony Music

“Racism is a symptom of the human condition,” says Leon Bridges. photo press sony music

Sweet This is a song dedicated to the killing of George Floyd Do you think this new government will improve the racism situation in your country?

Not! Absolutely not. Racism is unfortunately a symptom of the human condition. And honestly, I think people with different perspectives should have a conversation that doesn’t stem from anger. This is the only way for all of us to understand each other and move forward. But the government cannot fix it at all.

-Beyond this song, you played for Obama a few years ago. Do you consider yourself an activist?

-man … I don’t see myself as an activist. I just tried to do like other artists in the past, people who talk to them through art at that point in time. I saw something that was very hurtful and it forced me to write a song.

Although I do not feel like an activist, it is true that each one of us plays a part in this race for equality and justice for all. And if I can make a small contribution to it, I will.

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