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Bono to release an autobiography based on his 40 songs

Paul David Hewson, known around the world as U2’s singer Bono, has just officially announced that will release autobiography Call surrenderby Reservoir Books on November 3, 2022.

in surrenderIn , Bono will tell for the first time and in the first person the details of his life and the people he has met. It will be a journey that will span from his childhood in Dublin to the sudden death of his mother at the age of 14 and through the impressive path he traveled with U2 to become one of the most important rock groups on the planet. Her work as an activist, fighting against AIDS and extreme poverty.

U2.  autobiographical book by Bono

U2. autobiographical book by Bono

Structure of 40 Chapters

subtitle of surrender it is 40 Songs, One StoryWhich refers to the structure, where the title of each chapter is the name of a U2 song and a drawing made by himself.

simultaneously, An animated video published today on U2’s digital platform Based on some of his paintings and narrated by Bono himself. Video presents an excerpt from the chapter Out of control from surrenderwhere he explains how he wrote U2’s first single on 10 May 1978, his eighteenth birthday.

In Bono’s own words: “When I began writing this book, I desired to go into detail about some of the issues I had previously only outlined in the lyrics. The people, places and all the possibilities that I had in life. have been presented”

And he continues: “surrender (surrender, surrender) is a meaningful word to me. Having grown up with my fists in 1970s Ireland, this wouldn’t be the first concept that came to mind. It’s a word I thought of when I started thinking about the book. I keep struggling with that, with this inevitability that is probably most capable of reminding you of your humble place. In the band, in my marriage, in my faith, in my life as an activist.”

He ended his brief preview by saying: “surrender This is the story of a pilgrim who does not move forward…

Bono in Kyiv during his surprise appearance with The Edge.  Photo: EFE

Bono in Kyiv during his surprise appearance with The Edge. Photo: EFE

U2 and War

On Sunday, May 8, Bono gave a surprise concert with The Age at the Kyiv metro station, during which he praised Ukraine’s fight for “independence” and called for peace soon after the Russian invasion.

From the stage of a subway station in the capital of Ukraine, the 61-year-old musician along with his partner sang many of the group’s classics, such as Sunday Bloody Sunday, Desire either with or without You.

Bono and the Edge at the Kyiv Metro Station.  Photo: Reuters.

Bono and the Edge at the Kyiv Metro Station. Photo: Reuters.

“The people of Ukraine are not only fighting for their freedom, they are fighting for all of us who love freedom,” said the singer, who arrived in Kyiv just a month after releasing her song. go to ukraine Dedicated to the Ukrainian victims of the Russian invasion.

Bono and The Age’s performance came as a surprise, without prior notice, and within the singer’s activities for humanitarian causes in various parts of the world, whether in conditions of war, against hunger, or against global catastrophe.


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