When Nora Fatehi asked everyone to call her behenji, then see what was the reaction of others.

One of Bollywood’s finest dancers, Nora Fatehi has appeared on The Kapil Sharma Show several times to promote her songs and films. A video of her from this show is going viral in which she reached out to promote her song ‘Paktoge’ with Vicky Kaushal. During this, Nora won the hearts of everyone with her cute style of speaking Hindi.

Apart from this, Kapil also pulled his legs too much and asked if you have ever eaten Tinda? Nora said that she did not know of any such vegetable. At the same time, she also said that she does not eat the vegetable she cannot properly name. In addition, Nora shared the experience of shooting the music video ‘Pachataoge’ while sharing a video with Vicky. He said that most of the people on the set were Punjabi and they all called each other Paji.

When Nora Fatehi said during the shooting, I am Behenji from today, know what was everyone's reaction?

Nora was irritated and asked everyone on the set to call her Behenji. Everyone was surprised to hear this and said that he would not call Nora Nora Behenji, then Nora said that she should be called Nora Paaji like everyone else. Nora also shared a childhood story during this period and said that as a child she used to get scolded by her mother for dancing.

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