When Krishna Abhishek made Jackie Shroff with his son Tiger, know what happened next

Comedian Krishna Abhishek is known for his finest comedy. These days she is playing the role of Sapna in Sharma The Kapil Sharma Show, which is leaving a spark of laughter. In addition, they are sometimes seen mimicking other stars. Seeing his comedy makes the good good laugh. A video of one of his mics was also viral, in which he was seen doing a comedy of Jackie Shroff.

In fact, a few years ago when Jackie’s son Tiger Shroff arrived at The Kapil Sharma Show with Ananya Pandey and Tara Sutaria to promote his film ‘Student of the Year 2’, the show was in full swing. Krishna, along with Tiger, made everyone laugh a lot, especially as Jackie. Krishna looked exactly like him in Jackie’s getup. Furthermore, his manner of speaking was also similar to his.

When Krishna Abhishek told the story of Jaggu Dada's birth in front of Tiger Shroff, everyone burst out laughing.

At the time of his entry, Krishna, who became Jackie, used the same phrase and was seen saying – You are my child. But he calls Kiku Sharda, who became a child, ‘You are the child of an elephant’, in fact, he is seen mocking his obesity. Also, when asked how his name Jaggu Dada came up, he tells a funny story – when I was born, I showed the scissors to the nurse and said that you were my baby girl. After this she went out and bid-dada is born, dada is born and thus my name is dada.

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