When Kangana Ranaut and massage queen Sapna Kapil Sharma face each other on the show’s stage

We know the dream of running a beauty parlor in The Kapil Sharma Show. Very quick answer, everyone’s talkative and fearless and something similar Kangana Ranaut … who herself is fearless, fearless, funny. And if they face each other on stage, then think what will happen. Something similar happened on The Kapil Sharma Show when Kangana Ranaut arrived as a guest and Sapna entertained everyone. Then shouted that everyone stopped speaking.

Sapna offered the best massage

You know that Sapna runs a beauty parlor and specializes in massages. On the other hand, when Kangana reached the show, Sapna offered him a tremendous massage. Kangana herself was shocked to hear this. And people laughed laughter.

On the other hand, when Kangana reached Kapil’s show, she also shared many things related to her life with fans.

Kapil named his son

Kapil Sharma, who recently became the father of a son, has also revealed his son’s name on social media today. He named his son Trishan. People have been waiting a long time for Kapil to disclose his son’s name and when he revealed the name today, he liked it very much. Ginni gave birth to a son earlier this year. Earlier last year, Kapil also became the father of a daughter named Anayara Sharma.

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